Guemes Ferry Haul-Out May 14 - June 12
"During this time, passenger-only service will be provided by Arrow Launch Service, and shuttle service on Guemes Island will be provided by Skagit Transit. Peak Schedule will begin May 14. Peak fares begin May 20." [Read more]

Haul-Out Frequently Asked Questions

Anacortes Parking Plan for Guemes Island Ferry Haul-Out
When parking in Anacortes, please be sure to look for signs indicating parking time limits. Unless otherwise marked, parking in all ferry parking lots and on Anacortes city streets is limited to 72 hours. Allow extra time to find parking, obey all traffic/parking laws and please do not block driveways. Make sure to lock your doors, and do not leave valuables inside your vehicle. There have been recent reports of vehicle prowls in the area. The Anacortes Police Department patrols the ferry parking lots periodically and will continue to do so during the haul-out. View Parking Map

Skagit Transit Shuttle Service
To assist residents with placing their vehicles Skagit Transit will begin shuttle service on May 13. Once the ferry returns to service, the shuttle will operate one full day after the haul-out (June 13). To arrange a pickup, call Skagit Transit Dispatch at 757-4433, press #1 and ask for Guemes Dispatch. The Dispatcher will relay your information to the driver via radio. Please call at least 1 hour ahead of your requested pick-up time. Ferry Shuttle Hours: Sunday through Saturday, 7 am - 11:45 am & 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm. Skagit Transit is closed on Memorial Day - no shuttle service will be provided on May 31. The bus is equipped with our Touchpass electronic fare system, and a cash drop box. The suggested fare is $ for a standard fare, and $.50 for a reduced fare (Disabled, 65 & older, & under 18).

USPS Refuses To Deliver Packages During Haul-Out
Jim Sutliff, USPS, says the haul-out prevents "the Postal Service from transporting most packages to the island for delivery" despite having delivered packages during every previous haul-out. He says the Post Office will return packages after 15 days, if you do not come to the Post Office to collect them. Email Jim Sutliff to let him know how you feel about this refusal to do their job.

Burn Ban In Effect During Haul-Out
"Only approved campfire and cooking fires will be allowed, all other outdoor burning will be banned, and all permits will be rescinded during the ferry outage. This burn ban includes any vegetation burning with or without a permit."

The Right To Walk The Island's Shorelines
"The right has recently been challenged, sometimes confrontationally and physically, by one shoreline owner in particular, accosting people seeking the enjoyment of quiet walks along the beach." [Read more]

New Guemes Ferry Preliminary Design Report
"The vessel is a double-ended vehicle and passenger ferry, with a three-tiered deckhouse located on the starboard side of the vessel (on the West side of the route). The design accommodates four lanes of vehicles, including highway-rated trucks and emergency vehicles." [Read report] : Shore Side Preliminary Design Drawings

2021 Ferry Fare Revenue Target Report
"The year 2020 was not a typical year for ferry operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic...Operations and maintenance (O&M) expenditures were under budget by 43%. This was due to no haul-out taking place during the pandemic...There was lost fare box revenue of approximately $114,106 to the system in 2020 due to the COVID -19 pandemic and the elimination of fare collection from March 23 to May 5... Public Works Department is recommending a fare increase, other fare changes, and revisions to the revenue target methodology..." [Read report]

Glen Veal's Response To Guemes Ferry Fare Proposal
"My main concern is that there has never been any directive from the BOCC to the ferry manager to contain, or reduce, any of the costs in the ferry operation. Instead, it seems that the policy is to continue to escalate the costs of the operation and then ask for a fare increase to pay for them." [Read more]

Steve Orsini's Response To Guemes Ferry Fare Proposal
"The County recently received a significant payment from the state/federal governments for Covid 19 relief. Perhaps some of these funds could be applied to the lost fare box revenue of $114,106 which was a result of the County's decision to stop all fare collection from March 23 to May 5, 2020." [Read more]

Skagit County COVID-19 Cases
May 10, 4996 cases (+18), 320 hospitalized, 70 deaths.

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 4.5.21

Notice of Development Application: Mittelstaedt Setback Adjustment 
Notice of Development Application and SEPA Comment Period: GICCA 

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