Guemes Ferry Haul-Out May 14 - June 12
"During this time, passenger-only service will be provided by Arrow Launch Service, and shuttle service on Guemes Island will be provided by Skagit Transit. Be advised the car ferry will be out of service over Memorial Day weekend, so please plan accordingly...The United States Coast Guard has granted an extension, subject to an internal structural examination that will take place on Monday, March 22, from 11:00 am to 1 pm at Dakota Creek Shipyard." [Read more]

Ferry Tales: Back To The Future
"The unsung  hero, in my mind, was ferry mechanic Bob Martin who drove to Portland Sunday night and picked up the part Monday morning. He drove back and on to the shipyard to replace the faulty part. His sense of obligation deserves commendation." [Read more]

Updated Mask Policy For Guemes Ferry
Now Federal law requires wearing a mask and that failure to comply constitutes a violation of Federal law. The USCG has been tasked with enforcing this. Masks are required at all times except when customers are in a vehicle with all of the windows rolled up. In any other situation, they are required; even if you are outside and can maintain physical distancing. When you are purchasing a ticket from our Purser from your vehicle, masks are required.... [Read more]

Skagit County COVID-19 Cases
March 7, 4214 cases (+7), 269 hospitalized, 61 deaths.

Evidence of the U.K. COVID-19 virus variant (Variant B.1.1.7) has been found in Skagit County. It is more contagious than the original COVID-19 strain.

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 2.25.21

From the Anacortes American, 1981: Although men like Ray Separovich at the helm of the county ferry “Guemes” keep the vessel running on time, the efficient schedule of the run does not aid its current financial situation. Increased costs for the operation, including a new wage pact recently reached for the ferry’s union employees, create a mounting deficit that the taxpayers must subsidize.

From the Anacortes American, March 2, 1961: Philip McCracken of Guemes Island is to have a one-man exhibit of sculptures in wood, stone and metal at the Seattle Art Museum from March ninth through April sixth. Considered one of the most promising young artists in a region which has produced many well-known men, McCracken is a native son.

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