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Remembering Nancy Fox
"Nancy threw herself into Guemes life with her usual unstoppable gusto, becoming a key figure in island land-use planning; planting hundreds of trees and shrubs on their property to create two forest-restoration areas and a gorgeous garden; and building a large network of devoted friends." [Read more]

Guemes Island Art Studio Tour
Saturday, June 3, 10am-4pm. An event map, available at, allows you to create a self-guided tour of ten studios with a total of 37 artists. The tour offers a wonderful mix of styles, colors, media from artists of all ages. Garden art, original paintings, hand turned bowls, amazing sculpture, affordable watercolor reproductions, and much more. [Read more]

Kelp Forest Research Around Guemes Island
"They really are the forests under the ocean, and they perform a similar ecological function to the big old-growth forests on land...Kelp floats in a bed off of Guemes Island. Puget Sound bull kelp has declined 80 percent in just 50 years, and bull kelp beds around Bainbridge Island disappeared completely in 2015." [Read more]

We Finally Get An Answer From The County
Danica Sessions, Communications Manager: "Please know that Skagit County has not made any changes to the Guemes Island Ferry's emergency operations protocol. After-hour emergency services have not been eliminated. With that said, we encourage residents to have a contingency plan for if/when unforeseen circumstances arise, including finding alternatives modes of transportation in case the ferry cannot respond." Now why was that so hard?

Citizens' Comments On Emergency Services
"The lack of transparency and open communication with the residents of Guemes Island, regarding the Guemes Island ferry's past & present budget, operational procedures and current emergency policies is not just of great concern to us, it looks like downright malicious negligence on the part of Skagit County! We are in general a group of people more than willing to be reasonable, but the items mentioned above are pretty basic public information things which should be clearly and openly communicated. Skagit County Commissioners & Skagit County Public Works employees are grossly failing at public relations and transparency to their taxpayer constituents. We require better. Please communicate specific policy for current Guemes Island ferry in the event of on-island after hours emergencies." [Read more]

Emergency Medical Services
From the Guemes Island Fire Department: the Fire Department wants to remind everyone that we will still be providing emergency services as normal, and if you are experiencing a medical or fire emergency, you should call 911 as always. That being said we do want to encourage everyone to be diligent during this time. If you're feeling sick or believe you're having a medical emergency, don't wait to call for help. While Anacortes and the ferry will also be dispatched, their response at night could take longer. If it is a critical medical situation, the Guemes Fire Department may make a determination to call for evacuation via helicopter. Air evacuation in Skagit county is provided by both Airlift Northwest and LifeFlight. Both of these providers have insurance available that you can read more about via their websites.

Ferry Fare Proposal Public Hearing
"Thursday, June 8, 3:30-5:30 p.m. in the Commissioners' Hearing Room, 1800 Continental Place, Mount Vernon. The public can attend in-person or via Zoom.

Ferry Rate Study Report
Fare Schedule, Summer 2023

Fare Increase Spells End Of Farming On Guemes
"Allen Jr. says that the proposed massive 64% increase in Guemes Island Ferry fares will likely put him out of business permanently because the cost of moving these cattle to the island will make his operation uncompetitive." [Read more]

County Sends 'Thoughts And Prayers'
"More than a week ago [LineTime] sent you [Commissioners and Public Works] an email about Guemes Islanders' low opinion of the ferry manager. We asked "you to speak to these riders and tell them what you might do to address their concerns....Recently the ferry could not or would not provide after hours medical emergency transport. This has panicked everyone, as has the rumor that you have decided to not do after hour emergency runs any longer. Please respond. Please speak to your constituents and ferry riders. These are critical issues for them and your silence itself is alarming."
Communications Manager Danica Sessions responds after another week: "Thank you for sharing your concerns. Please know that the County is working on solutions to improve ferry operations and ridership experience."

The Big One Once More
"The Coast Guard is the first line of defense against a massive tsunami....As [Coast Guard] Lt. Kyle Cuttie...told me, "It's hard to say whether we'll be first responders or victims." [Read more]

The Cascadia Earthquake and Tsunami

First Aid, CPR and AED Training
Saturday, June 10, Community Center, Red Cross Blended First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) includes 3 hours on-line training prior to the 3 hour in-person skills session. This training includes both adult and pediatric. It meets certification for OSHA and other workplace regulatory requirements; is valid for two years. [Read more]

Guemes Island Ferry Shuts Down Early
Saturday, April 15, 8:07pm. "Due to staffing issues, the final run this evening for the Guemes Island Ferry will be 8:30 pm."

Ferry Tales: Ferry Manager Adrift Without A Clue
The road to Guemes Island shut down Saturday night because of staffing shortage? Notice I said 'road'. Skagit County Public Works is responsible for keeping the road open, specifically the Ferry Manager, Rachel Rowe. Where was she when notified about the staffing issue? Did she try and find a solution? Did anyone see her on the dock? Was the warning issued in a timely manner so that alternate plans could be put in place? Did she work the deck herself? No....It's well past time for a ferry manager that actually has the riderships' interest at heart. Someone who cares about people getting home. [Read more]

Replacing The Ferry Manager Survey Results

The Guemes Island Mug
Rather than hustle for donations, LineTime has been funded through the sale of a variety of items: Between Eden and Oz book, the Guemes Island Atlas, Posters, notecards, and more. Now we offer the Guemes Island Mug. The LineTime Store.

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 5.11.23

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