Anacortes Ferry Terminal Parking Lot Closure
"The small parking lot within the Anacortes ferry terminal area will be closed for maintenance next week from 5 pm on Tuesday, March 4 through 5 pm on Friday, March 8. Contractors will be replacing the light fixtures along the north fence. The posts will be also be replaced due to cracking and spalling in the salt water environment. The parking lot, located at 6th Street & K Avenue will be open during this time. However, the walkway between the two parking lots will be closed. Ferry riders will need to use the sidewalk along the north side of 6th Avenue to access the ferry terminal from the 6th & K parking lot. All vehicles need to be removed from the parking lot no later than 5 pm on Monday, March 4."

All-Electric Ferry Alternatives
"Another potential cost saving is to work with Whatcom County to produce one design that meets the requirements of both runs. As important, building two identical vessels will have more appeal for ship yards in the bidding process. This will lower the cost of acquisition for both Counties. With two identical vessels, spares can be pooled further reducing on-going operational costs." [Read more]

Boatbuilding On Guemes Island
Back in the 1980s, Kenny Powell, Vic and Tricia Culina and David Hartford built the classic wooden boats Woodwind, Tillicum, and a 50' Bluenose Schooner off Edens Road. Vic and Tricia sailed away to New Zealand, Kenny Powell died very young and David Hartford is still working on his. Tricia Culina donated many photos to The Anacortes Museum. They would appreciate help identifying those working. [See the photos]

State Legislators Work On Ferry Funding
"What's at stake in Skagit County is a project to replace the aging Guemes Island ferry with a larger, all-electric boat. Last month, the county commission rejected the bids to construct the new battery-powered ferry after all the bids exceeded the project budget. The county quickly submitted a request to the Legislature for an additional $12 million, which met with favor this week in the state House, but not in the Senate." [Read more]

Remembering Richard Anderson
"After Rick retired he loved going out on his boat on what he called ''leisure cruises', around the San Juan Islands. He loved Guemes Island." [Read more]

Northwest Regional Council (NWRC) Services
"Northwest Regional Council (NWRC) provides support for older adults, adults with disabilities, and caregivers. Our goal is to enhance individual choice, increase access to services, and maximize the independence and quality of life in an individual's home environment." [Read more]

Skagit County ADA Transition Plan
"The current proposed plan to "improve" the Guemes Island Ferry terminal on the Anacortes side eliminates several ADA parking spots near the terminal, removes any ability to drop off passengers or supplies at the terminal by removing the temporary parking spots, and eliminates the turn around zone for the city bus, school bus, or emergency vehicles....Please complete the survey and let Skagit County know that the current proposal is the opposite of improving ADA accessibility." [Read more]

Guemes Island Historical Society Cookbooks
To all Guemes Islanders who enjoy tasty food. The Guemes Historical Society is collecting recipes for their upcoming cookbook. Seeing the names in the two previous community cookbooks, printed in 1962 and 1973, is a walk through memory lane. Be sure your family name is included in the new cookbook and share your favorite family recipe(s). Many delicious sounding recipes have already been received and I look forward to sharing them. Please include: a brief description of the recipe?s historical significance to you or your family; recipe title; ingredients; directions and servings. Categories are: Appetizer, Salads, Entrees, Seafood, Vegetables/Side dishes, Soups, Breakfast and Desserts. Our goal is to send the manuscript to the printer in time to have the finished product by November 1. To accomplish this, we need to have your recipes by July 4. The earlier, the better. Please email your recipes to: [Read more]

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