2021 Ferry Fare Revenue Target Report
"The year 2020 was not a typical year for ferry operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic...Operations and maintenance (O&M) expenditures were under budget by 43%. This was due to no haul-out taking place during the pandemic...There was lost fare box revenue of approximately $114,106 to the system in 2020 due to the COVID -19 pandemic and the elimination of fare collection from March 23 to May 5... Public Works Department is recommending a fare increase, other fare changes, and revisions to the revenue target methodology..." [Read report]

Remembering Peggy Pair
"In 2001 Guemes Island became home...She was also very active in the Guemes Island Church, and Women's Fellowship/quilting. She was especially fond of making pies for the annual pie sale!" [Read more]

Ferry Tales: Where There's Smoke
"The Guemes Fire Chief was off island due to a personal emergency when a fire erupted at an out-building on Holiday Boulevard." [Read more]

Additional $470,000 For New Ferry Design
"Amendment No. 5 to...Agreement No. C20170376 with Glosten to provide design services for the replacement vessel for the Anacortes/Guemes Island route and support Skagit County through vessel procurement and construction. This Amendment updates the Scope of Work for Glosten to incorporate an updated task list and project schedule for phase 2 per Exhibit A-4. Compensation is increased from $1,952,155.53 to an amount not to exceed $2,461,030.61."

Guemes Ferry Haul-Out May 14 - June 12
"During this time, passenger-only service will be provided by Arrow Launch Service, and shuttle service on Guemes Island will be provided by Skagit Transit. Be advised the car ferry will be out of service over Memorial Day weekend, so please plan accordingly." [Read more]

Why Haul-Out Over Memorial Day Weekend?

Skagit County COVID-19 Cases
April 17, 4609 cases (+23), 287 hospitalized, 68 deaths.

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 4.5.21

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