Guemes Island Posters
The Guemes Island Atlas that we made and sold a year ago was surprisingly popular and we sold every copy. Rather than reprint, we decided to offer posters, framed and unframed, of five of the images in the Atlas. They are now available for ordering. [Order posters here]

Ferry Tales: Believe It or Not
"A rumor is circulating that Skagit County wants to charge for ferry parking. This rumor stems from this statement for the consultants they hired to justify redoing the fare revenue model and raise rates: "Review other revenue sources, including a pricing strategy for parking." The consultants have not completed their tasks and the County has not decided on this or other issues." [Read more]

Guemes Island Ferry Rate Study
"Skagit County Public Works is proposing an increase to ferry rates by May 1, 2023. Skagit County has hired a Consultant, KPFF, to conduct a rate study. The objectives of the study are:

  • Reduce the road fund subsidy that contributes to the ferry operating deficit each year
  • Simplify the fare structure for future implementation of electronic ticketing
  • Use previous studies and stakeholder input to guide the process
  • Evaluate opportunities for additional and ancillary revenue
  • Recommend fare policies for existing ferry operations while planning for future ferry replacement
Public Works hosted an open house on January 3, 2023 as an opportunity for the public to weigh in early in the process. A recording of that meeting can be found here."

State Reopens Some Shellfish Harvest
After a six-month closure due to biotoxins, the state Department of Health is allowing the harvesting of some shellfish species around Guemes, Cypress and Sinclair islands. There is still a closure in the area for butter and varnish clams, which keep PSP in their system longer than other shellfish.

The Guemes Ferry Trail Update Winter 2023
"As most of you know, the first segment of the trail was completed in July 2021. This [now past] year has been focused on maintaining the completed section of the trail and partnering with the County to work through the myriad details of advancing northward to the church (the next section). Although we've secured legal access agreements with private property owners along this section, new challenges have been identified, including the existence of wetlands that will require additional time and funding to address. Alas, we persevere." [Read more]

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 1.11.23

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