Search For Missing Kayaker Off Guemes Island
"After a kayak overturned in the water Saturday off of Guemes Island, several agencies responded and put in several hours of searching through the water to find its occupant. The 25-year-old man from the Oak Harbor area remains missing, Guemes Island Fire Department Chief Olivia Cole said. He was not wearing a life jacket, she said..." [Read more]

Opportunity To Join GIPAC Board Of Directors
"There will be a vacancy on the GIPAC Board of Directors in November, 2022 and our election process will begin in September. At our September, and again at our October monthly meetings, we will take nominations from attendees or from contact with Board members to fill that vacancy." [Read more]

Guemes Island Library & Historical Society Merge
"The Guemes Island Library and Historical Society have been working closely together for a few years. Together, we received a grant from the Washington State Library's Rural Digitization Project to digitize and upload historic documents and pictures from Guemes Island. This is an ongoing project..." [Read more]

Remembering Lynne Myall
"Lynne moved to Guemes Island in 2006 where she was charmed by the island's natural beauty and found island life a healing balm. She joined Guemes Island Community Church, played bridge, enjoyed Shakespeare readings, found new friends and continued to judge locally and overseas. At this time, island-resident Ron Knowles entered her life and they enjoyed 10 very happy years together." [Read more]

Remembering Richard Nicolls
"Some of you may know him as an old-timer on Guemes, who retired here in 1991...Dad's life on Guemes was civic-minded. He served two terms, and one appointment as District 17 Guemes Fire Commissioner. His specialty, according to my mom, was grant writing. He also was on the Guemes Island Community Association as (and at different times) secretary, treasurer and president. Other activities included working with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) on the island and supporting my mom's political activities."
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Beaver Dam Property Owners' Letter To County
"No requests from the County have been made to the property owners other than invitations to meetings and site visit requests. All requests have been immediately accommodated. The private property owners where the beaver dams reside, and Skagit Land Trust - who own the property with wetlands adjacent to Edens Road - have worked with partners to find effective solutions for lowering water levels. Several County staff have visited the site." [Read more]

U.S.G.S. Data Collection Underway
"In order to better understand the complex hydrogeologic system and the continued growth and development of the island and the new demands for groundwater on Guemes Island, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is revisiting a network of 83 wells that had been visited in the 1990s. Additionally, we are expanding the study to include more wells on the island. Our work will involve locating existing water wells and measuring the depth to water in the wells. We would greatly appreciate your cooperation in the study by granting us access to your property and well in order to measure depth to water in the well. The more wells that information that can be gathered from, the better the overall assessment will be." [Read more]

USGS Statement On Study

Guemes Island Ferry Fueling Schedule
"The Guemes Island Ferry will re-fuel Tuesday, September 27 ; no second 11:15 am run." [Read more]

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 8.17.22

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