Support The Crew’s Effort To Be Fairly Compensated

Attention ferry riders (and that is every single one of us). Even if it is a last ride in a hearse.

Our 19 person ferry crew is sailing without a compass. No direction! No Leadership! Without a contract, only distrust and unrest.

All Skagit County Employees have received raises. The ferry manager received a 17% increase. All except our crew.

Why have contract negotiations stalled? Why years without a contract?

Money? Hours? Scheduling? After hours runs?  Med runs? Ferry Management?

So many questions and so few answers!

Ask your favorite ferry worker (we all have one) about their jobs, salaries, or hostile workplace. If they are candid, you will get an earful.

Let’s support the crew’s effort to be valued and compensated accordingly. We can’t do it without them.

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