Citizen Comments On Emergency Services

Thank you all for sending the message. While the county seemd quite willing to ignore LineTime, they didn't ignore you. 

In addition to the statement "Recently the ferry could not or would not provide after-hours medical emergency transport. This has greatly worried me, as has the rumor that you have decided to not do after-hour emergency runs any longer. Will you continue to provide after-hours emergency ferry runs?" these responses were added to some messages:

A 2:30 A.M. Ferry medical run, 911 call in, saved my life. . . The ferry boat is considered a county road. A road that should be able to take ambulances to the hospital at any hour to save someones life! Do the right thing and fix your issues with the Ferry crews, manage our roads properly and keep the after hours Ferry Emergency runs available. You might vacation here or perhaps stay with friends  sometime and might need it yourself . . . Please think this through. 

I agree that your previous provided answer was somewhat vague. Think carefully your intent on this extremely important issue as medical emergencies happen without regard to the clock.  Are you ready to loose considerable tax revenue as home prices crash when potential buyers find out that this is a dangerous place to live due to lack of night-time service?  And of course, the ramifications if it is demonstrated the lack of service is cited as a contributing factor.

We moved to Guemes in 2019 with assurance that there would be after hour ferry service for medical emergencies.  If that is no longer the case, our lives are in increased risk.  Please tell us what is going on!

The lack of transparency and open communication with the residents of Guemes Island, regarding the Guemes Island ferry’s past & present budget, operational procedures and current emergency policies is not just of great concern to us, it looks like downright malicious negligence on the part of Skagit County!  We are in general a group of people more than willing to be reasonable, but the items mentioned above are pretty basic public information things which should be clearly and openly communicated.  Skagit County Commissioners & Skagit County Public Works employees are grossly failing at public relations and transparency to their taxpayer constituents.  We require better.  Please communicate specific policy for current Guemes Island ferry in the event of on-island after hours emergencies.  

Guemes population is aging, requiring emergency services here as in all other parts of the county. 

Not acceptable for any Skagit county resident.