Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program

Draft: 2023-2028

Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program

These New Projects Are Being Considered For Inclusion On The 2023-2028 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program

9 Edens Road  This project will raise and widen Edens Road through a wetland area on Guemes Island due to flooding caused by native beavers. The County has installed a temporary fix raising the road, but still requires a permanent fix to meet road standards. (Pg 11) Local Funds = $869,719 Total = $869,719

35 South Shore Road (Guemes Island)  This project is to continue to explore ways to stabilize and route South Shore Road. (Pg 47) Local Funds = $60,000 Total = $60,000

17 Guemes Ferry Trail This project was vetted by the Guemes Ferry Trail Committee on Guemes Island. It will include the design and construction of a multi-use path from the Guemes Island Ferry Terminal to Schoolhouse Park. The trail will use Guemes Island Road right-of-way where available to construct the trail. Skagit County Parks is expending minimal funding on the design. However, the trail committee is collecting donations and along with Skagit County, is seeking grant funding for the design and construction cost of this trail. (Pg 25) State Funds = $ 1,300,000 Total = $ 1,300,000


Guemes Island Ferry Projects

16 Guemes Ferry Electric Shore-Side Facilities  This project will construct the electrical shore-side infrastructure that includes a charging station, battery storage facility, and charging station/hookup from the terminal to the electric ferry. The project is nearing completion of design and will be moving forward with construction in 2023/2024. (Pg 24) State Funds = $4,404,591 Local Funds = $1,353,609 Total = $5,758,200

18 Guemes Island Ferry Electronic Ticketing System  This project will purchase an Electronic Ticketing System to streamline ticket sales and improve loading times. (Pg 26) Federal Funds = $153,757 Local Funds = $46,243 Total = $200,000

19 Guemes Island Ferry Terminals – Cathodic Protection  This project will design and install Cathodic Protection for both Guemes Ferry Terminals. (Pg 27) Federal Funds = $800,000 Local Funds = $200,000 Total = $1,000,000

21 Guemes Island Electric Ferry Project  This project will replace the current 21 vehicle Guemes Island Ferry with a new electric powered 28 vehicle ferry. (Pg 28) State Funds = $18,893,000 Total = $18,893,000

20 Guemes Island Ferry Terminal Modifications Project  This project will modify the Anacortes Ferry Terminal to accommodate the new larger Electric Ferry. This includes but not limited to apron modifications and dolphin upgrades. This project was separated out of the Electric Shore-Side Facilities project. (FTA Funding) (Pg 29) Federal Funds = $2,500,000 Total = $2,500,000

22 Guemes Island Ferry Parking Lot Improvements and Passenger Shelter  This project will grade and make improvements to the surface condition of the parking lot. It will also replace the aging passenger shelter with a new one. (Pg 30) Federal Funds = $637,630 Local Funds = $127,526 Total = $765,156

- Allen Bush


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