This was originally posted to: Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee

Opportunity To Join GIPAC Board Of Directors

The purpose of the Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee (GIPAC) is to promote responsible growth management on Guemes Island.  The Committee does this by working to preserve the quality of life and fragile environment of Guemes, particularly the island’s freshwater aquifer, rural character, resource lands, shorelines, critical areas, and other environmentally sensitive areas. 

GIPAC was recognized by the Board of Skagit County Commissioners on February 10, 2003 — and reaffirmed on January 18, 2011 — as the community-based representative of Guemes residents and property owners on matters related to the Guemes Island Subarea Plan.

There will be a vacancy on the GIPAC Board of Directors in November, 2022 and our election process will begin in September.  At our September, and again at our October monthly meetings, we will take nominations from attendees or from contact with Board members to fill that vacancy.  Nominations for the vacancy will close at the end of our October meeting.  The election of fill the vacancy and other open positions will be held at our Annual Meeting in November.     

If you want more information about GIPAC or wish to be considered for the vacancy on the board, please contact Hal Rooks, Allen Bush, or any other GIPAC board member.  Our contact information is available on LineTime, under ‘Guemes Island Organizations’ and then Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee.    


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