USGS Water Well Data Collection Begins September 12

Guemes Island Water Wells
U.S. Geological Survey Data Collection September 2022

In order to better understand the complex hydrogeologic system and the continued growth and development of the island and the new demands for groundwater on Guemes Island, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is revisiting a network of 83 wells that had been visited in the 1990s. Additionally, we are expanding the study to include more wells on the island. Our work will involve locating existing water wells and measuring the depth to water in the wells.

We would greatly appreciate your cooperation in the study by granting us access to your property and well in order to measure depth to water in the well. The more wells that information that can be gathered from, the better the overall assessment will be.

This work will begin September 12 and last for approximately two weeks. For more information on the data collection efforts or to give permission for an inventory to your well, please contact Elisabeth Fasser by email or call (970) 531-2653 of the USGS Washington Water Science Center.