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GIPAC: Minutes for July 11, 2022 Meeting


Minutes from GIPAC Meeting

July 11, 2022; 6:30-8:05PM

Meeting held at the Guemes Island Community Church

GIPAC Board Members in attendance: Jep Burdock, Allen Bush, Kathy Malley, Steve Orsini, Hal Rooks, and Patty Rose. GIPAC Board Member absent: Michael Brown

Guests attending: Dawn Ashbach, Gary Curtis (Emeritus member), Joyce Fleming, Gabe Murphy, Jerry Ross, and Jackie Whitman

Board Chair Hal Rooks called meeting to order at 6:35.

Agenda for meeting was reviewed and approved:

· Approval of June meeting minutes

· Treasures Report

· Public Comment

· Updates and New Business:

§ Status on efforts with the County

§ Update on beavers

§ USGS Aquifer Study

§ Rainwater catchment tour

1) June meeting minutes were approved

2) Treasurer’s Report – Steve Orsini:

§ Roz Glaser Fund: balance is $9,162.10

§ GIPAC balance sheet grew to $11,109.35 thanks to generous donation from Hal Rooks and a successful Ice Cream Social!

3) Public Comment:

· Jackie was interested in the issue of short-term rentals on the island.

· Discussion ensued around the challenges of this issue. Ultimately the County will need to make decisions regarding short-term rental, since it would impact all unincorporated areas of the County and it seems unlikely that they would create something specifically for Guemes Island. This is a county-wide issue and would need a county-wide approach to get any traction with the BoCC.

4) Updates and New Business:

· Update on County/Aquifer Protection:

GIPAC’s attorney reviewed County documents and believes that the County code as currently written requires a hydrogeologic site assessment prior to any well drilling on the Island. One of his recommendations was to seek an administrative interpretation of the County’s rule, but this would require a specific proposal. Discussion ensued about how to do this, as well as other options that GIPAC could take to ensure the County was protecting water quality and quantity on the Island. It was agreed that another call with the attorney was needed to sort through our best options.

· Update on Beavers:

Allen reported he spoke with Ken Dahlstedt who is now working as a consultant helping the Big Lake community, where roads and 14 homes were damaged when a beaver dam blew out. There are solutions to the situation there, including a Beaver Deceiver and other tools. According to Ken, the County does not have money for these fixes. Allen shared that the county is spending A LOT of money on Edens Road, where a Beaver Deceiver would likely work too. The BoCC is having an “open house” on July 28 regarding Guemes Island issues and will hear reports from public works (South Shore Road, Edens Road), parks and the ferry. Jep is going to reach out to David Wertheimer to see if the Fire Dept. plans to attend and state their concerns (once again) regarding Edens Road.

· USGS Study:

USGS is looking for information on Class A wells on the Island and specifically for production records from 2019. We’d like to make sure they are taking a broad enough look and will make sure Class B systems are also included. Steve will gather information on North Beach wells, Allen is talking with Holiday Hideway and other Class B systems, Jackie said Channel View also wants to participate.

· Rainwater Catchment Tour:

· Patty reported that several people who attended the Ice Cream Social would be interested in in a rainwater catchment tour.

· We set September 10th at the date of the tour, pending confirmation from the owners of the systems we would visit. The thought was to put together 3 or 4 sites to visit. Patty will reach out to people mentioned in the conversation.

Hal concluded the meeting and we adjourned at 8:05PM


Kathy Malley,

Acting Secretary

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