Create An Art Chair For The Community Stage

ART CHAIRS for the Community Stage 

Old chairs need new life. You can transform an old chair into a new work of functional public art. You can create an ART CHAIR. 

Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA) has a supply of metal folding chairs that are intended for various outdoor special events. 

We are offering these to island artists to use one as a unique canvas to create an ART CHAIR.

  1. We will deliver one to you or can arrange for you to pick it up at the hall.
  2. You create a unique, family friendly, ART CHAIR using spray paint, acrylic, etc.. ! 
  3. Sign your ART CHAIR
  4. We will pick up or you can bring to the stage opening on Sunday, May 29.
  5. GICCA will collect and store these ART CHAIRS for future events. 

Sound like fun? Excellent! 

Write to us at or call Kathy with questions: 1-206-334-1573


Guemes Island Art

Kathy Whitman, Darlene Klister and Devon LeBoutillier