Guemes Ferry Parking Lot Crimes

We had our catalytic converter stolen from the small ferry lot two weeks ago.  We took it to the exhaust place in Burlington and paid $750.00 for a new converter.  We reported the incident to the police and Rachel.  I called the police yesterday to ask if they had reviewed the cameras at the ferry terminal and his response is that the cameras are of such low quality that they offer no assistance.  I have talked to several other people who have either had their catalytic converter stolen or their gas stolen.  It isn’t going to get any better and the island is hoping that the county will at least install cameras that work.  -JL

Several months ago, my pickup, parked in the big lot in town was vandalized. The ignition switch was drilled out but the switch was plugged with drill shavings and they couldn't start the truck. Notified police and had truck towed to the mechanic's shop. Called police after a few days and they had no leads in the case. I've stopped leaving a vehicle in town which just adds to the ferry traffic. -LV

Our Prius was parked in the lower lot on the Anacortes side. Yesterday we discovered that the catalytic converter had been sawed off and stolen. We hope that the video surveillance recorded the theft. The automotive repair shop said that they see hundreds of cars like this. Be extra careful.  - KS

All the gas siphoned from my car. - DR

Sometime between Friday night (3/11) and Sunday morning at 8:45 am (3/13) our Tundra truck gas tank was broken into and 3/4 of the full tank siphoned off. The lock was broken and cap ripped off. First time in 15 years. Take care.  - SL

We had parked our older Ford Ranger in the lower lot for several days. It never ran right after that and our mechanic said it needed new fuel injectors and a fuel pump. I replaced those items but it still wasn't right and after two months the truck quit running altogether. The mechanic again said we needed new fuel injectors and a fuel pump. When I told him I had replaced those months before, he went in for another look and found a large amount of sugar had been put in the gas tank. So much sugar that the fuel would hardly burn. Again, we replaced the injectors and pump and the mechanic cleaned out the gas tank and fuel lines. Truck's been running great since then. -JM

From the Anacortes American Police Blotter, March 23:

A 76-year-old Guemes Island woman reported a theft of gasoline from her vehicle at the Guemes Island Ferry Terminal. She lives on the island and left her vehicle in the parking lot. When she returned, she discovered the gas cap broken and that the car only had a quarter of a tank of gas left. 

A 35-year-old Anacortes woman and a 67-year-old Guemes Island woman both reported that catalytic converters were stolen from their vehicles as they were parked in local parking lots.

The weekend of March 5/6, sometime between Friday night and Monday morning, we had our catalytic converter stolen from our car. The car was parked in the middle of the big upper lot. We reported it to the police and were told at the time that the cameras were basically useless. They were usually not able to identify anyone. For now I am driving across every day. Increase in cost and line time for me. Once I get a metal shield over my catalytic converter I'll probably leave my car there again. -NW
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