Resident Parking Permits Proposed For South Side Of 6th Street

The City of Anacortes has a new idea for Resident Parking Permits to be ordained for South side 6th Street, H Ave to J Ave.

A Public Hearing on this (and other changes) is scheduled for March 7,  6 pm in City Council Chambers. This will be only public hearing!

Islanders can either go to a City Council meeting on February 28 to speak about items NOT on that night agenda, or to March 7 Council Public Hearing. 

Just as with the Traffic flow hearing, this proposed change came through the Traffic safety committee which I am the facilitator of of three council members as well as staff though this was worthwhile to get to a public hearing to get the public to comment. This parking code update addresses changes all over town with 6th street being the biggest change.


Follows is my communication with Will Ludemann, Anacortes City Public Works ( on February 25:

Good morning Will,

I have several questions regarding the proposed Resident Parking Permiton south side of 6th Street.

1. How have neighbors been informed of this Ordinance?

This parking ordinance has changes that affect areas all across town. This public hearing was posted in the news paper and the City website as required.

2. Have homeowners on block J Ave to K Ave been informed of proposal? Are they eligible for same consideration?

We did not reach out to any homeowners directly on this code as it has affects across town and we could not possibly reach all affected people. When we handed out door hangers about the traffic flow we told people that we talked to that were directly affected.

The committee considered J-K but ultimately decided to only include H-J, this would be a great question to bring up at the hearing. This meant to be a conversation and council would have the ability to add it.

3. Flyer distributed to several homes February 5th did not include any reference to this proposal at Public Hearing February 22, yet there was a slim introduction by Mr. Buckenmeyer before Public Comment, without any documentation either available upon entry to Council Meeting, nor on large format screen. Why Not?

The Flyers we handed out were for the Traffic flow ordinance. The flyers where meant to direct people to the website where both ordinance public hears were posted. Before the meeting it was discovered that there where some errors and some changes that where needed (none with 6th street) so it was pulled from the hearing.

4. When and how many Public Hearings are upcoming, due to insufficient or incorrect information on City website prior to February 22? Can a new announcement be made with further 2 Public Hearings be offered to allow residents to access current corrected information?

 The public hearing is set for March 7. People could also voice their opinion at the next council meeting of February 28.

5. Has any parking study been done, if so is it available, and how is determination of Permit need made?

No formal parking study has been done.

10.12.170  Permit—Application.

Persons residing on properties that abut streets within the residential parking zone may apply to the Anacortes police department during business hours for a residential permit for each registered and licensed vehicle owned by the applicant. Such application shall be on a form provided by the Anacortes police department and shall contain such information as is deemed necessary to verify the residence of the applicant and to identify the vehicle for which the permit is given. (Ord. 2486 § 2, 1999)

10.12.180 Permit—Guest.

In addition to residential permits, each residence within the residential parking zone shall be entitled up to a maximum of five guest permits to be used exclusively by guests of the resident. Guest permits shall be issued by the Anacortes police department at such time as application is made for a residential permit. (Ord. 2486 § 4, 1999)

6. Has the Guemes Island Ferry Committee been informed of proposal and Public Hearings?

Myself as well as our Engineering staff have sent notice to the Ferry Captain and others at the county and SKAT transit.

7. During the many years of Ferry shutdowns of > 2 months per year, many more blocks are adversely affected by non-resident parking as well. Many of these residences have either no alley parking access to their homes, or flights of stairs to get into their homes due to land grade in the neighborhood. What is proposed for these residents?

As currently written this only include H-j on the south side of 6th. This would be a great topic to bring up at a council meeting.

8. What was the procedure for request of New Resident Parking Permit, and how may the other blocks similarly affected apply for same consideration?

The hearing would be the appropriate time for this to be asked of council.

9. Could there be a comprehensive look at the entire neighborhood’s needs, as those  residences on blocks H Ave to J Avenue ALL have 2 off street parking spaces; all but 1 have garages as well?

This would be a great question for council. 

-Boshie Morris
1618 7th Street

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