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GIPAC: Minutes for January 3, 2022 Meeting


January 3, 2022 Minutes


Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee



Hal Rooks opened the meeting at 6:35pm via Zoom.  Present were board members Hal Rooks, Michael Brown, Patty Rose, Kathy Malley, Allen Bush, Stephen Orsini and Jep Burdock.  Also present were guests Matt Simons, Michael and JoAnne Gray, Diane Neilson and Bob Groeschell.


Draft Agenda was approved                  


Draft Minutes from December were approved


Treasurer’s report – Checking account $4,538.85.  Roz Glasser Bequest fund $9,162.10


Public Comment - Bob Groeschell discussed the San Juan County moratorium on short term rentals, which will be in place until April, pending further review from the county.  He suggested going to the San Juan County website and under the Department of Community Development there is a report one can read.


Shoreline Master Plan Update – Kathy Malley and Steve Orsini brought the board up to date on the process and where the county is in that process.  Evergreen Islands,  along with the Washington Environmental Council, presented to the Board of Commissioners several changes they would like to see in the update.  These included, among others,  armoring of shorelines, sea water rise and sea water intrusion, and setbacks in buffer zones.


Hal discussed the lack of progress we’ve seen from the county regarding rainwater catchment and well monitoring.  The board agreed to have Hal contact the county to see where they were on those issues.


The board discussed the beaver issue/dammed water in the Edens Road valley on Guemes and what possible mitigation options the county should pursue to possibly lower the water behind the beaver dams.  The county has both the South Shore Rd and Edens road projects on their 5-year road plan, and it is GIPAC’s opinion that the county should exhaust all options before those projects move forward.


Michael Brown,

GIPAC Secretary


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