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Guemes Island Ferry Trail - Exciting New Development!

We are very excited that Skagit County has once again expressed their continued strong support of the Guemes Island Ferry Trail (GIFT) project. We are thrilled to report that a proposed financial investment for the trail is included within the County’s draft 2022 – 2027 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The County is inviting pubic input to the STIP until 4:30 p.m. on November 23, 2021.

You can make a difference!
The GIFT committee strongly encourages our trail supporters to share their inputs to the County STIP. You can review the current draft STIP and provide your comments here, perhaps citing some of the safety concerns noted below as well. Your supporting comments will help ensure that the proposed financial allocation in the County STIP becomes a reality! Your expressed support will help ensure that the Guemes Island Ferry Trail becomes a reality as well!

A new sign marks the beginning of the Guemes Island Ferry Trail near the ferry landing. The recently completed initial phase of the trail project along the Guemes Island General Store property was a fantastic community effort which was documented in an article on the front page of the Skagit Valley Herald. The article and a series of photos can be viewed here.

The new sign and completed segment also serve as a reminder to our community of our firm commitment to complete this much-needed safe pathway for non-motorized traffic from the ferry to Schoolhouse Park. As islanders know all-too-well, summertime, holidays, and peak traffic hours on the ferry are especially dangerous times for anyone trying to navigate this stretch of Guemes Island Road - and it seems to get worse every year. During holidays and peak weekends, traffic becomes congested leading to the Guemes ferry dock. Cars often exceed the maximum speed limit racing to get into the ferry line. Ferry lines can extend beyond the dedicated waiting lane causing disruptions and creating dangerous situations for vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians. In the other direction, cars depart the ferry just as pedestrians and bicyclists are also departing and making their way to the parking lot or across the street to the store or to head North on Guemes Island Rd – an unsafe, chaotic free-for-all. On Guemes Island Rd., pedestrians and bicyclists often find themselves hugging the deep ditch that runs alongside the road. The 20' wide road with little or no shoulder cannot safely accommodate the increasing motorized and non-motorized traffic. We desperately need this off-the-road pathway to minimize the current chaos and the increasing danger to all. With your continued support we WILL make this happen!

Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and yours from the GIFT Committee —

Lorrie Steele, MJ Andrak, Maryam Schutz, Lu LeMieux, Christy Simonton, Deb Strathman, Jack Hartt

Speaking of Holidays

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