Guemes Island Atlas

LineTime has created the Guemes Island Atlas. Newcomers and long time residents alike will find the Guemes Island Atlas worthwhile and informative. Did you know there are active fault lines running through the island? Do you know what lies beneath your feet (some Mukilteo Muck, perhaps)?

Locate street names, properties and which animals, fish and fowl live in your neighborhood. Check out private land, public land, beaches, and wells. See which properties are owned by locals and non-locals.

Different perspectives of our wonderful Island in one publication.

The Guemes Island Atlas contains twelve maps of Guemes Island:

  • Roads
  • Terrain
  • Geology
  • Soil Survey
  • Public Water Systems and Chlorides
  • Habitats and Species
  • Skagit County Zoning
  • Open Space and Conservation Lands
  • Local and Non-local Property Owners, Buildings
  • LIDAR Image
  • Recent Satellite Image 
  • 1988 Aerial Photograph 


Back In Stock - Good news: A reprint of the Atlas has arrived. Bad news, so many people requested the reprint that we don't have many copies remaining before we're sold out again. 


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"As someone still considered a newcomer to Guemes (we bought our place in 2018), I found the atlas very enlightening.  Whether it's land use or water concerns, curiosity about beaver dams, or looking for good crabbing spots, I think there's something here for everyone.  As an atlas specific to Guemes, it is a unique reference tool.  And I like that it's something you can hold in your hand, take on a trip around the island, or keep on the shelf for easy reference."

- Jo Anne Myers-Ciecko