Remembering Diana Millikan

Diana Margaret Millikan died peacefully on September 30 in her home on Guemes Island surrounded by her children and husband Al. 

Diana was born near Southampton, England in 1933.  As a child she experienced the latter years of the  “Great Depression” and the  ravages of World War II. Her home was destroyed by German bombers while she waited with her father and grandmother in an air raid shelter. 

After WWII, Diana completed nursing school in Winchester, England where she met her first husband Dr. Timothy Young.  During the following years they immigrated to Newfoundland and subsequently to Nebraska and finally to Beaver Lake, near Issaquah Washington in 1960. During this transition period her four children were born. Diana had a diverse career which included wife, mom, business owner and registered nurse. She completed her Masters degree in family counseling and  continued her nursing career until she retired in 1990. She became a US citizen on April 19,1995…ironically, the same day as the infamous bombing of the Oklahoma federal building.  

Diana married her second husband and soulmate Al in 1978.  They purchased property on Guemes Island in 1989 and moved into their new home 1992. Guemes was a perfect fit for her.  She loved the sea, was surrounded by flowers, trees, birds and a variety of wildlife. As an English lady she loved her traditions including tea in the morning, Shepards Pie and Christmas pudding. She was also warm and non-judgmental listener for those who just wanted to talk about facing life’s issues.

Diana is preceded in death by her parents Marie and Frank Lee and her sister Barbara.  She is survived by her husband Al and his children Tanya and Tricia, her children Sarah, Lynn, Tim and April, 11 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren

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