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Edens Cemetery Meeting Minutes June 21, 2021

Edens Cemetery, Skagit Cemetery District 3, monthly meeting minutes June 21 ,2021

Attending: Commissioner Emeritus Dixon Elder; new tech support maven Sandra Prescott; Commissioners Dan Burnett, Andy Leech, Adam Veal; treasurer Angie Veal; secretary Lynn Flory

Meeting called to order 7:20pm

Minutes of 5/28 approved

New business:

Sandra Prescott introduced; ½ budget available; items for payment: mowing, reimbursement for dedicated laptop, timesheets (approved and signed); Commissioner Leech declines compensation (moved and passed); cemetery map reboot, sales advice/info re: apps; expanded plant list, sources thereof

New business:

Two upcoming interments

Adjourn 8:55pm

Next regularly scheduled fourth Monday meeting July 26th 7pm

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