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Questions for Skagit County Regarding Guemes Ferry Replacement

As an engineer, I prefer to see decisions regarding essential public infrastructure made quantitatively, based on undisputed facts and the findings of experts. I prepared this set of 22 questions for Skagit County Public Works because I see some worrisome gaps between the trajectory of the Guemes ferry replacement project and the facts gathered by Skagit County to support that project. My goal is to understand Skagit County’s rationale for taking these unexpected and seemingly risky turns.

This packet is based as directly as possible on engineering studies published by Skagit County, which necessitates some reliance on results for the outdated 32-car ferry design. I have written a more detailed research paper that accounts for the design changes that the county has announced since 2017, including the selection of a 28-car ferry with a smaller charging system.1 The findings for both ferry sizes are similar enough that I am comfortable presenting the simplified information in this packet as a sufficiently accurate representation of today’s state of affairs, with caveats as noted.

-Brent Morrison

Questions for Skagit County Regarding Guemes Ferry Replacement

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