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GIPAC: Draft Minutes for Aug 18, 2020 Meeting


Draft Minutes for August 18, 2020 Meeting

Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee


Hal Rooks called the Zoom meeting to order at 6:35 pm.  In addition to Hal, members present were Michael Brown, Kathy Malley, Steve Orsini, Patty Rose, Nancy Fox and Allen Bush.  Also present were guests Barb Ohms and Michael Gray.

Draft Agenda was approved.

Draft Minutes from March (last meeting held, in person) were approved.

Public Comment - there was none.

Treasurer's report – our checking account has $4,908.76.  The Roz Glasser bequest fund has $9,162.10

Per our bylaws, Hal Rooks nominated Kathy Malley to serve the remaining term of Edith Walden, who had resigned from the board.  The nomination was seconded and approved by the full board.  Kathy Malley will stand for re-election in November, along with Hal Rooks and Patty Rose, whose terms also expire in November and who stated that they will stand for re-election along with Kathy.

Hal reported on the status of P2, GIPAC's code amendment that addresses the County's utilization of its municipal powers to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its residents.  Amendment P-2 would provide the county's Planning Department with the necessary tools to ensure protection of the island's drinking water, without interfering in the Department of Ecology's more general well-drilling authority.

The board agreed to hold its annual meeting on Sunday November 8, 2020 at 4pm.  It will held via Zoom and membership will be invited to join remotely.  A discussion ensued concerning the program, which will be decided at the September meeting.

Sign Report - Steve Orsini reported that the preliminary costs for the signs on the Guemes and Anacortes ferry terminals came in higher than anticipated.  Kathy Malley agreed to look into how much WEC paid for signs made for them.  

Hal adjourned the meeting at 7:50 pm.


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