Let's Celebrate The Goodness And Spirit Of Our Island

Once upon a time on our little island, there were potlucks every month. The community gathered to share a meal and say hello to each other. Food was savory, sweet, local and abundant. Kids ran around, playing, teasing, being wild and free. Adults brought their instruments and jammed together. Ladies told stories and traded gossip. Gents shot the shit. The younger generation learned from the old. It was utopian. A few years ago when I was falling in love with Guemes Island, I heard these stories and thought, “This is magical. How many places are still small and close-knit enough to have potlucks? Not just a church community or a neighborhood community, but an actual, entire community?”

So few.
Hardly any.

In a world that’s growing increasingly cynical, angry and full of heinous acts of terror, we are blessed to live in a place that is relatively free of such suffering and angst. We have all chosen to live separate from that world, in a place that’s paradise to us.

Let’s celebrate our little island paradise, our community, our Guemes Family.

As a young person on this island recently elected to the Guemes Island Community Council I’m making it my mission to reinvigorate this potluck tradition, starting with our Holiday Dinner on December 12th.

Let’s all come together. Families young and old, babies, kids, grandparents, friends, newcomers, old hats. Let’s share a meal and talk and laugh and be together as a community. Isn’t that why we live here?

It’s so easy to stay home, avoid the rain and wet weather, cozy by the fire. But there are a hundred other days you can do that. I promise. Can you come this one day to share in a feast with us, your Guemes Family?

The Hall will be decorated. The church provides ham, turkey and potatoes. The Library is serving drinks (maybe not those kind of drinks, still not sure on that situation yet…wink wink), the Fire Department is lighting up the hall, and we bring sides and desserts and conversation.

As the days are growing ever shorter and the sun selectively graces us with her presence, let’s celebrate the goodness and spirit of our island in the winter. Let’s celebrate past, present and future generations of Guemians. Let’s show our children how it’s done so they’ll continue this tradition in the future.

- Sarah Sibley

Sylvia and Sarah


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