Community Center Agenda for October 15, 2015

Guemes Island Community Center Association Agenda

Regular Monthly Meeting:  Oct. 15, 2015 at 7.00 pm


Appreciations/Thank you's:

·         Islanders in attendance tonight

·         Edith Walden for countless hours helping Rob Schroder and working out details – and procuring our permit for “Movie Night at the Hall”, and Michael Grennell for helping with the project – and being Rob’s cheerleader!




·         The Black & White set-up starts on Friday.  If you plan to volunteer – check with Emma Schroder.

·         The Halloween Party is being held on Friday night, Oct. 30th and Kelly Bush needs volunteers to help with set-up and ??  Ask Kelly what you can do to help.




·         Treasurer  - Norm Prewitt

·         Secretary –

·         Trustees  - Rob Schroder


Old Business

·         Food Truck – w/entertainment – Mark Linnemann

·         Stage Project update  - Michael Brown

·         Groundfloor Guemes Report

·         Popcorn & Movies update - Rob

·         Emergency generator update – Rob

·         Update on changes to the bylaws

·         E & O Insurance

·         Letter from “Friendly Corporation”

·         Feasibility study to develop hall – Kathleen Phillips          

·         Removal or relocation of the half dozen or so extra garbage cans

·         Clean out refrigerator/freezer

New Business:


·         Nominations for election of board members.


Upcoming Events:

·         The very popular “Black & White” dinner on Oct. 17th @ 5:00 PM.(The event is sold out!)

·         Halloween Party – Friday Oct. 30th.


Goals for 2015: Increase storage, touch up bathrooms, paint kitchen, shutters on exterior building, new bathroom vanity light and normal maintenance.


Next scheduled meeting is November 19, 2015.



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