About The Guemes Island Directory

Public Information

All of the information in the Directory is public information that is publicly and readily available. All of us have chosen to make this information available to anyone (by choosing to list our phone numbers, for example). This information is distinct from personal information which you share with someone with specific understandings regarding its use, for example, social security information shared with a medical or financial institution.

Privacy Issues

We all are justifiably concerned about protecting our privacy. We all want to reduce commercial solicitations by phone, mail and email and avoid identity theft. Phone solictiations have declined dramatically with the creation of the federal Do-Not-Call registry, but any business may still obtain our names and mailing addresses (from many sources, including the Post Office) to send us solicitations. Identity theft requires key personal information, such as a social security number.

What can you do? Never disclose personal information unless you are highly confident in the security and trustworthiness of the recepient. Add your telephone numbers to the Do-Not-Call registry and unlist it with your telephone service provider. Ask companies mailing unwanted materials to you to remove your address from their list. Anyone using public information for a commercial activity must comply with such a request.

Removing your name and address from public records is more complicated. Some individuals have formed corporations that veil their named association with a property. Others have tax statements sent to a post office box so that the address of their primary residence is not linked to their second property.

Security Issues

We present the Directory to the Guemes community as a public service. We do not profit from its availability in any way. To many, the Directory is a valuable community resource and a significant part of its value is in its completeness.

The Directory database is secure on LineTime's server and we will not share the database itself with anyone for any purpose. If asked, we would supply mailing labels to a community or public organization. The same property owners information has been used regularly by island organizations for years to mail notifications and appeals. While someone could browse page by page through the Directory to recreate a list of property owners and residents, it is far simpler just to request the data from Skagit County or purchase a much more detailed database from commercial suppliers.