GICCA September 20, 2012 Agenda

Guemes Island Community Center Association

Regular Monthly Meeting:  September 20, 2012 at 7:00pm 

Mission Statement: The Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA) provides a home for community, cultural, artistic, educational, and social opportunities that enhance the quality of life for our island community.

General Membership:

·                   Appreciations: Donors; Garden Tour People, Becky Stinson and others; Sandy Warmouth for ACLU Fundraiser; Kelly Bush for garage sale; Hot dog sale people lead by Rob Schroeder; Jack Sparrow fundraiser; people who worked in the yard lead by Bob Anderson; the deck cleaner and stainers; Raffle ticket buyers and winner Rose Fraley, AED donation, and all who support this GICCA

·                   Announcements: Concert to benefit Stage project “A Grand Night for Singing” Saturday; Think about running for office


·                   Treasurer – Norm Prewitt     (enter Treasurers inform)

·                   Secretary – Kathleen Phillips

·                   Trustees Report – Rob Schroeder

·                   Stage Report – Kelly Bush

Current Business:

·                   Future projects for Hall send to us

·                    Repair of the Leaves at the park and/or a Spring Toy for the park

·                   Fix the side door

·                     Any others

Public Comments:

Adjourn:  motion needed

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