2010 Census Of Guemes Island

*Census Data Skagit County Census Tract 9501, Block Group 1

2000 Census count: 605              2010 Census count: 689

1960:    216             1970:    230

Registered Voters On Guemes Island*

2012: 592

2011: 610

2009: 625

2006: 578

2004: 500

* Why voter registration numbers fluctuate.

"The trend you note of generally steady rising, but with periodic fluctuations, does occur throughout the county. The periodic downturns are usually mostly, if not entirely, a matter of timing; when the numbers were run affects them significantly. It is exaggerated right after some big elections, such as we just had in November because, depending on the timing of such elections, it is after them that we can purge, on a large scale, our rolls of voters who have moved, died, etc. We did just do this in after November’s election, so the effect at the moment is somewhat greater than will appear later in the year.

As we get closer to this November, the effect will reverse significantly as more voters register for the General Election. Again, if your 2009 numbers were from early in that year, the rolls, right after the 2008 Presidential election, were at an all-time high. This trend can also reflect very local trends of people moving, etc, which can occur within tightly defined areas, such as an island. Principally, though, I expect the current occurrence you note to be a reflection of voter registration rolls being cleaned after significant elections, and coming down from the all-time high of 2008."

- David Cunningham, Skagit County Elections Supervisor