NAS Whidbey Island Jet Noise Complaint Number

Officers at the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station pay attention to the calls they receive from citizens disturbed by jet noise. Flight patterns may be effected by the number of complaints.

The Navy has promised to reduce noise as much as possible by maintaining a minimum altitude and aircraft configuration.

To comment or complain about jet noise in your neighborhood, call: 360.257.6665. or email

The duty officer will record your name, address and telephone number along with your complaint. All other questions can be directed to NAS Whidbey Island Public Affairs Office at (360) 257-2286.


You may also download this pdf form, complete the first part and attach it to an email message addressed to



San Juan County collects jet noise reports from within the county and from those outside:

Aircraft Noise Reporting

San Juan County Noise Report Data