Coast Salish Naming Ceremony

For the first time in over 125 years, a traditional Coast Salish Naming Ceremony will come back home to Guemes Island honoring members of Rosie Cayous family. In this ceremony, family members are given their Sacred Name in their Coast Salish language. 

Rosie would like the Guemes Island community to feel welcome to come and experience this important event Ü our role, as community members, is to be silent and present in the moment.  Rosie teaches and reminds us to Observe and Absorb to learn and to be witness to this historical island event. 

As you arrive to the Ceremony, you will be invited into the field. Chairs will be set-up in a rectangle around the Floor in the shape of the Longhouse. The Floor Manager will guide you to your seat. There are many parts to the Ceremony, Blanketing Members, the Naming, the Giveaway to honor guests and the Feast afterwards. 

After the Ceremony, you may have many questions! There will be opportunity to ask those Family Members present who will be happy to explain.

Islanders are welcome to bring a potluck dish to be shared at the Feast. 

The Ceremony will begin at 2:00 PM so please arrive a little earlier and if you can, carpool or ride your bike Ü parking will be limited.

The Ceremony Feast will end near Dusk. 

Any further questions, please address them to:  - The Coast Salish Naming Ceremony

02:00 PM


Schoolhouse Park