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Guemes Island Ferry Committee Annual Meeting

Guemes Precinct 127 registered voters will be voting in person at the Community Hall with early voting beginning at 1pm. At 2 pm the meeting will be convened, masks required for those entering the hall. Of course you can vote outside the hall. All ballots will be deposited into the ballot box located in the Guemes Library. Again, early voting will begin at 1pm.

The meeting will consist of a Guemes Ferry Committee Introduction and a charter amendment description and discussion. In person public comments will be limited to 2 minutes per individual. Questions directed to the committee will be answered accordingly. All questions and comments will be recorded. Once the discussion period has ended the meeting will recess for a 15 minute voting period and counting commences. Two ballot judges will perform the count.

The meeting will reconvene and a 2/3 decision will determine whether or not to proceed with the new charter. See "Proposed Changes" and "Ferry Committee Meeting" article(s) Guemes Island Ferry Committee (

There are two open seats on the Guemes Island Ferry Committee and depending on the charter vote, there will be an opportunity to nominate individuals for these two positions.

02:00 PM


Community Center