GIFD Fire Commissioners Minutes August 11, 2014


(Minutes pending approval)


August 11, 2014

 The Regular Fire Commissioners meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Commissioner Chip Bogosian, Chairman.

 Present:  Commissioners Bogosian, Murphy and Bear, Chief G. Francis, Medical Officer N. White, Captain Pyke, Public Information Officer L. Francis, Tom Fouts, Juby Fouts and Secretary Meekins.

 The minutes of July 14, 2014 were approved with one correction.  The date of the meeting was July 14, 2014

 Treasurer’s Report:  Ending July Operating Fund balance $50,065.45.  Ending July Investment Fund balance $41,272.71. Ending July Capital Investment Fund balance of $35,000.00.  Total bills $10,926.66 and Payroll of $1,496.00.

 Chief’s Report:  See attached report. The Board voted unanimously to surplus the following items; 4 each 2-1/2" Play Pipe fire nozzles, garage door panels & hardware, Cannon copy machine, radio batteries & chargers, 4 each 2-1/2" black rubber suction hoses, and a 14' roof ladder.

 Old Business: Chip reported that Enduris sent him to an attorney in Olympia to handle the investigation into M. Stamper’s claim of harassment. The attorney wants to speak with a number of people who might be familiar with his claim. The Board voted unanimously to present a list of individuals to the attorney.

 Deb asked if letters have been sent to people who are no longer in the Fire Department to remove the bumper stickers from their vehicles. It was decided that the Firefighters will establish a list and the Commissioners will write a letter pointing out several reasons for the request. Not least of which is safety.

 Deb reported that PSE has not responded yet to her request for assistance in burying the power lines outside of the Fire Hall. She will endeavor to reach someone who can help.

 Gerry and Deb reported that they have not yet had time to write the new part of the harassment policy dealing with how to report a problem.

 The PSE production payment for 2014 is $889.02 which is an increase over 2013. Though it was pointed out that the solar panels need cleaning, again. Gerry will get someone out.

 The 2013 Annual Pension Certification was completed by Gerry and signed by Chip.

 Deb will talk to Roy Horn about the bid process for selling the old boat.

New Business: Gerry suggested changes in the budget. $3,000 will be moved from #4922 to #3120.

Deb and Juby tested radio reception on Guemes while Mike Voss of Skagit 911 tracked tower communiccations with the radios. The results were good and will be used as a baseline before the Guemes tower goes live.

The commissioners reviewed the invoices from July 12 – Aug 8, 2014 and approved the invoices in the amount of $10,926.66 and payroll of $1,496.00 for a Grand total of $12,422.66.

 The next regular meeting will be September 8, 2014, at 7 PM in the Fire Hall.

 The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.


Submitted by

Jodi Meekins, Secretary          




Skagit County Fire District 17

Commissioner Chip Bogosian, Chairman

Chief's Report July 2014

GIFD Budget Report August 2014

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