GIFD Fire Commissioners Minutes July 14, 2014


(Minutes pending approval)

July 14, 2014

The Regular Fire Commissioners meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Commissioner Chip Bogosian, Chairman.

 Present:  Commissioners Bogosian, Murphy and Bear, Interim Chief G. Francis, Medical Officer N. White, Captain Pyke, Public Information Officer L. Francis, Olivia Snell, Tom Fouts, Juby Fouts and Secretary Meekins.

Guest:  Edith Walden.

 The minutes of June 9, 2014 were approved with three corrections 1) Edith said that D. Shannon would be given his choice of how to dispose of the boat. 2) Sheryl Brandt is who Chip contacted at Enduris 3) The meeting adjourned at 2:50pm.

 Treasurer’s Report:  Ending June Operating Fund balance $59,350.63.  Ending June Investment Fund balance $76,267.52.  Total bills $5,393.81 and Payroll of $1,946.00.

 Resolution #335 was unanimously approved to move $35,000. from the General Investment Fund to the newly created Capital Investment Fund.  Additionally, the funds will be invested in an ‘open ended’ Money Market Fund.  The General Investment Fund presently remains in the State Pool.

Open:  Nothing offered or asked.

 Chief’s Report:  See attached report.

 Old Business: Chip reported that Sheryl Brandt from Enduris recommended accepting Mike Stamper’s resignation. However, she also suggested mounting an investigation into his claim of harassment.  Tom Murphy wants the Department to write a policy and procedure for handling claims of harassment in the future.  Deb and Gerry will write it.  The Board unanimously voted to accept Mike’s resignation.  Chip will send Mike a letter thanking him for his years of service and asking him to return all fire dept. property by July 31, 2014.  Jodi asked Gerry if Mike had ever found the department credit card.  Gerry indicated that Mike did not know where it was.  Therefore, Jodi will contact Skagit State Bank (the issuer of the credit card) and have it cancelled and a new card established with Gerry Francis as the authorized user.  At the same time Jodi will take the opportunity to change the name of the credit card to Skagit County Fire District 17 (aka Guemes Island Fire Department).

 The Board voted unanimously to appoint Gerry Francis as Chief at the same $650 salary as Interim Chief.

In regards to the Hazard Mitigation measures discussed last month, but not funded…Deb Bear spoke to Puget Sound Energy to find out if there might be financial assistance to bury the electrical lines in front of the fire hall.  She was directed, by PSE to write a letter with her request. She will do so.

 Tom Fouts has had contact with the Shannon family regarding any interest they might have on bidding on the old boat.  They are interested and would like to be notified when it is open for bids.

 The old boat was made surplus by unanimous vote.  There was a question of how to proceed on selling it. Advice will be requested of several other fire departments.

 Resolution #334, appointing Gerry Francis as Interim Chief was signed.  It had been voted on last month.

 Tom Fouts presented an email that he sent to Mark Raaka, Director of Emergency Medical Services for Skagit County.  The correspondence was intended as the final resolution to the poor treatment that Tom and Juby suffered during recent OTEP skill testing.  He wanted the letter included in the minutes of the meeting.

New Business: Jodi brought up the recent Public Records Request received by the fire department. She brought up several problems with the way it was handled. She brought up the need for the department to have a form and  process in place for future Requests. Additionally, there was discussion about what and what not is covered by the State in the RCWs. Jodi agreed to email the Board and Gerry a link to 42.56 RCW Public Records Act.

The commissioners reviewed the invoices from June 6 – July 11, 2014 and approved the invoices in the amount of $5,393.81 and payroll of $1,946.00 for a Grand total of $7,339.81.

 The next regular meeting will be August 11, 2014, at 7 PM in the Fire Hall.

 The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.


Submitted by

Jodi Meekins, Secretary 


                                           Skagit County Fire District 17

                                     Commissioner Chip Bogosian, Chairman

Chief's Report June 2014

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