This was originally posted to: Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee

GIPAC: Board Election Correction

Nominations for election to the GIPAC board are still open, contrary to an erroneous announcement at our Sept 14 meeting.  This year, GIPAC will have three board positions subject to election at GIPAC’s annual meeting on November 8th.  The three incumbent board members currently in those positions—Patty Rose, Kathy Malley, and Hal Rooks—are running for re-election, but Guemes residents or property owners, who are at least 18 years old, are also welcome to run.  Board members are elected to a three-year term, so individuals elected at our November meeting will have terms running until 2023.  

If you are interested in running for election to one of those three board positions, please provide, in writing, your name, contact information, and a statement of why you are interested and send this information to Michael Brown, GIPAC Secretary, at  or Hal Rooks, GIPAC chair, at  .

This open period for filing for election will close at the end of GIPAC’s October meeting, which will be held Monday, October 5.   An expression of interest in running for one of the three vacant board positions must be received by then.  Any election questions should be addressed to Michael Brown or Hal Rooks at the email addresses provided above.