Warning: Property Owner Asserts Beach Rights With A Gun

Skagit County Deputy Sheriff Marty Steiner has received numerous calls  and email complaints from persons walking Clark Point beaches. He has contacted the Skagit County prosecuting attorney on the legalities and for advise on how to proceed.

Kevin and Vicki Duncan, 4142 Clark Point. Road, who recently purchased that property, own the tidelands to their property as do the other residents in that area. Kevin Duncan has threatened beach walkers with accusations of trespassing. There are no signs posted, declaring “private property no trespassing” or property line markings. Kevin Duncan has fired his gun on several occasions. He has verbally threatened people In transit on  the beach.


”About 5:30 pm tonight I walked by the Clarke Point beach cameras.  I milled around and took a couple of pictures.  As I was walking back I heard a gun shot from the woods.  I walked another 150 feet and heard another gunshot.  The second shot was from closer and sounded like it was in my general direction.  I kept walking and when I was  about 150 yards away I turned around and saw a man on the beach looking my way.  I felt I should not approach him so he wouldn't shoot me in self defense.  The man was heavy set with light short cropped hair.  He was wearing dark clothing.”

"I had a run in with this man today. Yes, he fired a gun from up where I couldn't see him and then was waiting for me upon my return. I started out friendly, admiring his dog but things quickly got ugly. He made it abundantly clear I was not welcome but he kept moving to block my way and wouldn't let me leave. I ran into him trying to get around and then he physically pushed me back... So not concerned with keeping 6 feet away. I asked for clarity on where his property lines were and he said I should just stay out of the whole general area because his neighbors were going to defend their property as well. He said he's been coming to Guemes since 1969 and has lived here for 3 years. He did say he took my picture and would no hesitation paying it along to the sheriff if I ever came back. He wouldn't let me leave until I promised to never come back and then he followed me for quite a ways."

There is a third story told to us who describes a couple’s encounter with Mr. Duncan who reportedly lifted his shirt to display a handgun in his waistband. We have not been able to identify the couple, however, or verify the account.