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Proposed GIFC Charter Amendments 2020


MM DD, 2020

(Proposed Amended Charter as adopted by the GIFC on January  20, 2020)




A.   The name of the committee shall be the Guemes Island Ferry Committee.


B. The Ferry Committee shall work to understand and represent the interests of ferry patrons to the providers, managers, and those impacted by the service, and as a resource for information, expertise, and institutional knowledge for all interested parties.


C.  The Ferry Committee’s principal areas of concern shall be

1.   Safe and reliable service, including the provision for high-quality emergency response.

2.   Consistent and appropriate sailing schedule.

3.   Equitable fare structure.

4.   Facilities appropriate for the all ferry patrons including those with special needs.

5.   The long-term sustainability of the system.


D.  The Ferry Committee shall hold monthly meetings to conduct business unless canceled for good cause. These monthly meetings shall be open to the public and held on well-established dates. The Ferry Committee may also meet in non-public executive session as needed. The annual meeting shall be a public meeting in the second quarter of the calendar year. Further public meetings may be held on a quarterly basis on dates publicized at least 10 days in advance.


E.   The Ferry Committee shall establish procedures including, but not limited to, meeting times, locations of meetings, and the production and distribution of meeting minutes.


F.   The Ferry Committee

1.   The Ferry Committee shall have five members.

2.   Members shall be 18 years old or older and meet at least one of the following criteria: a registered voter of the Guemes Island Precinct, a Guemes Island resident, or a Guemes Island property owner.

3.   Terms shall be staggered to ensure term overlap.

4.   Terms shall be three years in duration.

5.   Terms shall commence upon certification of the results of the annual election.

6.   Terms shall end upon certification of the annual election that is held in the third year following the beginning of the term. For example, if elected at the annual meeting in 2000, the member’s term ends at the annual meeting in 2003.

7.   The Ferry Committee shall replace by appointment any vacated positions. The appointment shall be for the unexpired portion of the vacated position’s term.

8.   Following the annual election, the Ferry Committee shall elect as officers a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary for one-year terms.

9.   To avoid conflict of interest, no Skagit County official, nor any Skagit County employee, nor anyone under contract to Skagit County shall serve on the Ferry Committee.


G.  Election

1.   Nominations for Ferry Committee candidates will be accepted at the monthly meeting that precedes the annual meeting by at least four weeks. Nominations will be accepted from those who meet the eligibility requirements for participation in the election for Ferry Committee members.

2.   If open position(s) for the Ferry Committee are uncontested, the election shall occur at the annual meeting by passing a motion of consent by a majority vote of those eligible to vote.

3.   If the number of Ferry Committee candidates exceeds the number of open positions, then an election shall be held by a paper ballot.

4.   Those eligible to vote for Ferry Committee members shall be 18 years old or older and meet at least one of the following criteria: a registered voter of the Guemes Island Precinct, a Guemes Island resident, or a Guemes Island property owner.

5.   Paper ballots may be obtained by eligible voters by signing in either at the annual meeting or at a polling station. The polling station shall be located on Guemes Island and shall be open for voting during specified hours on specified days prior to the annual meeting.

6.   All paper ballots must be deposited in a locked ballot box that shall be secured according to procedures defined by the Ferry Committee. No paper ballots shall be accepted after the voting deadline. The paper ballots shall be counted and the results announced at the end of the annual meeting.

7.   The candidate(s) with the most votes shall fill the open position(s). Tie elections shall be decided by lot (coin toss).


H.  Charter amendments

1.   Charter amendments may be made by a four-fifths majority vote of the Ferry Committee and with the acceptance of a two-thirds majority vote of those eligible to vote who sign in and attend the Ferry Committee annual meeting.

2.   Given the adoption of amendments to the Guemes Island Ferry Committee Charter at the annual meeting during the first quarter of 2020, a second annual meeting shall be held during the second quarter of 2020 to conduct the 2020 election according to the amended election procedures.


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