Wish You Were Here! Postcard Photo Contest 2020

What is the Wish You Were Here! Postcard Photography Contest?

Ten years ago LineTime ran a very successful postcard contest. Many folks enjoyed entering and voting for their favorite photos. So, LineTime is hosting a third Guemes Island online photo contest to find images for island postcards. These postcards will go on sale to support Linetime.org and other Guemes Island organizations.

The most favored photographs will be printed as postcards for sale to benefit LineTime.org. The card above was printed in 2010 and will not be available again.

Anyone can enter by emailing up to 3 photos to home@linetime.org through February 21. Be sure to include your full name, photo title and caption.

A committee of islanders will then select twelve great images.

Between March 1 and March 15, the Guemes Island community will vote online for their favorite photos among these twelve.

The two most favored photos will then be printed as postcards, which will be available for sale for one year.

Can I Enter?

Anyone, of any age, anywhere can enter.

What Kind of Pictures?

Since this is a Guemes Island postcard photo contest, all images should relate to Guemes Island and it's community in some way.

How Many Pictures Can I Enter?

Up to three photos per person before the closing date of February 21.

What Do I Do?

1. Email your full name, up to three photos, each with a title and caption.

Who Decides?

A committee of islanders will narrow the selection to twelve photos. The entire Guemes Island community will then vote on LineTime for their favorite photo of these twelve. 

When Is the Contest?

What Do I Win?

Besides the glory of having your photograph on a Guemes Island postcard that many others will enjoy sending to friends and family?

You will receive 25 postcards with your winning photo on it free.

Is There Boilerplate To Read First?

Yes: By emailing an image and entering the contest, you agree to display your image on LineTime and to send a high resolution version of your entry (if it wins) to LineTime.org and grant LineTime.org permission to print and sell 4.25" x 6" postcards bearing that image for one year. Your name will be printed as photographer on the postcard. You retain all copyrights to your image. If a winner can not supply a high resolution version suitable for printing, we must select the next favorite photo. To print postcards of photos with images of children, we must have the written permission of their parents.

Contact comments@linetime.org with any questions.


2010 Contest Winners