Ferry Dock Maintenance & Repair Project

Ferry Dock Maintenance & Repair Project Announcement
Skagit County has three separate projects currently in progress for maintenance and repair of the Anacortes and Guemes Island ferry docks.
Skagit County signed a contract with American Construction, Inc. on April 22, 2019, for the Ferry Terminal Winch Replacement project. This project will replace the 40-year-old transfer span winches. Overnight construction is anticipated in late June/early July 2019, once new winch components have been fabricated.

Ferry Terminal Maintenance – Phase 2, is expected to go to bid in June 2019, with construction anticipated to start in September 2019. This project will address a number of items on both docks, including the repair of the apron gusset plates, and replacement of the counterweight cables and sheaves, apron hinge pins, and headframe handrails, among other items.

The Ferry Dock Rehabilitation project is currently in the design phase, with construction scheduled for 2020. This project will replace three concrete girders that Skagit County was not able to replace during the dock reconstruction in 2011. These girders are located under the NE corner of the dock, well outside of the area where vehicular traffic drives. These three girders are the main factor in the lower sufficiency rating given to the Anacortes dock.

Once all these projects are complete, the Washington State Department of Transportation will reevaluate the sufficiency rating of the docks during its next bridge inspection.

-Skagit County Public Works

July 31: "The Ferry Terminal Winch Replacement Project is in the construction phase. Our Contractor, American Construction, Inc. is waiting on the fabrication of the winch drums, which has taken longer than anticipated. Installation is expected by the end of August.
The Ferry Terminal Maintenance – Phase 2 Project is nearing the end of the design phase. We have completed the final review of the design drawings and are in the process of writing the bid specifications. We anticipate bidding the project in late August/early September with repairs starting later this fall."


Dock Repair Q&A
Q: The ferry dock bridges have the second lowest sufficiency ratings of all the bridges in Skagit County. What does that mean?
A: Sufficiency ratings can be lower because of age and many other factors that may not be directly related to the functional safety of the bridge. Recent state inspection reports for the ferry bridges have identified priority repairs that the county has already begun addressing. Construction will start this summer and continue in to 2020.

Q: Are the bridges structurally sound?
A: Yes. Are there components of the bridges that need to be replaced due to age? Yes. This is not unlike any other bridge in the County. If we had safety concerns, we would immediately assess and implement restrictions or other measures to ensure public safety.

Q: The priority repairs have been “in the works” for some time. Why?
A: It takes time to budget, fund, and design and bid projects. This project is subject to the same procedural requirements as any other construction project in Skagit County. After years of planning, we are nearing the construction phase for the repairs.

Q: Will the construction work impact ferry service?
A: The Contractors will be doing most of the work at night when the ferry is not operating. However, some services may be impacted like the ability to do after-hours emergency runs. There may be impacts during regular service as well. We do not know this for sure yet as it is too early to plan all the details of the construction phase. We will keep service impacts to a minimum and send out plenty of advance notice.

Q: How do I stay connected regarding these projects?
A: We will post updates on our ferry email list subscribers. To sign up for ferry updates visit skagitcounty.net/forms/listsubscriptions. Select – Guemes Island Ferry Information.