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GIPAC: Draft Minutes for May 6, 2019 Meeting

Draft Minutes for the May 6, 2019 Meeting

Of the Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee


Call to order by Chair Hal Rooks at 6:54 PM. Members present: Hal Rooks, Nancy Fox, Allen Bush, Patty Rose. Absent: Michael Brown, Steve Orsini, Edith Walden. Citizens present: Barb Ohms and Michael Gray.

Draft Agenda was unanimously approved, as were Draft Minutes from April 1, 2019.

Treasurer’s Report: Allen Bush reported that GIPAC has $9,708.93 in the Roz Glasser savings account and $2,794.32 in checking. Recent expenses were plants for shoreline restoration and printing for aquifer recharge study effort. We are now banking with Banner Bank.

Updates/New Business: Finding funding partners for the USGS study: Hal, Nancy and Steve have communicated with Washington Department of Ecology and Department of Health as well as Skagit County Planning Department. We have received indications of interest, but no funding to date. The committee is now communicating with our state Senator Liz Lovelett and State Representatives Jeff Morris about possible funding sources.

Representative Morris suggested that we contact the Samish Tribe about working jointly on a grant proposal. GIPAC members voted unanimously to do so. Hal and Nancy have a meeting with Senator Lovelett and Hal will reach out to the Samish. Patty will contact the Rose Foundation about their fall grants as well as a contact in the Department of Agriculture.

County Update: Skagit County still does not have a long range planner and there have been no recent Planning Commission meetings.

Update on Shoreline Restoration: There will be a Peach Preserve work party on Friday, May 10. After the work party there will be discussion of future priorities for shoreline restoration on the preserve, which may include planting a larger area and/or working with the Friends of the San Juans or the Center for Natural Lands Management to study planting options. Patty submitted two invoices for plants to Treasurer Bush.

GIPOA: Chair Hal Rooks announced that he has been invited to speak about our water proposals at the GIPOA annual meeting June 8, at 7 PM in the hall. All GIPAC members are invited to attend and help with the question and answer period.

Discussion of possible future priorities for GIPAC (discussion to be continued in subsequent meetings):  

1. Explore signage to direct people to Land Trust access points and prevent unwelcome foot traffic on private tidelands.


2. Stickers encouraging water conservation on Guemes.

3. Tips for an efficient household water system.

4. Study variances and RUE’s over a couple of years. What are people asking for and why do they want variances? Which requests are granted and how are they justified by the County?


Meeting was adjourned at 8:27 PM.

Submitted by Patty Rose