Fire Commissioner Minutes April 8, 2019

Regular Commissioner Meeting

(minutes pending approval)


April 8, 2019

Commissioner Margeson called the Regular Fire Commissioners meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Present: Commissioners Margeson, Murphy, and Crawford, Chief G. Francis, Treasurer Davelaar, Secretary Kankaala, Lieutenant Enos  

The minutes of March 11, 2019 were unanimously approved, with correction.

Treasurer’s Report: Beginning March Operating Fund cash balance was $29,423.67. Beginning March General Investment Fund balance was $11,746.09.  Beginning March Capital Fund cash balance was $72,844.83. Beginning March Capital Investment Fund balance was $33,184.32. Grand total is $147,198.91.  March expenses were $2,819.53. Payroll for March was $3,429.66, and FF stipends were $1,220.00 for a grand total of $7,469.19 in March expenditures. March revenue included $8,602.25 in taxes collected, $82.14 in interest, $500.00 in donations and $2,122.81 in reimbursement from the EMS office, interlocal agreement, for the ESO software.

Open: None

Chief’s Report: See attached report for a list of drills and responses.

New recruit Jenny Schofield has been approved by the District 17 Fire Commissioners.

Old Business: 

State Auditor’s Report. The 2019 Audit has been completed and certified.

Vehicle Numbering System: Skagit County is in the process of implementing a new vehicle numbering system. The issue was discussed.

Real Estate for a new Guemes Island Fire Station. Commissioner Margeson has drafted a letter to the Guemes Island community, concerning property options to support a larger operations footprint. A copy of the letter is attached, and will be available on LineTime.

New Business: 

Mileage Rate. The mileage rate for 2019 will be .58 per mile.

The next resolution will be 410.

The next regular meeting will be May 13, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Fire Hall. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:55PM.

Submitted by Eric Kankaala, Secretary


Skagit County Fire District 17


Chief's Report March 2019

Budget Report April 2019

Commissioner Margeson Letter RE: Real Estate