Ferry Tales: You Vote, You Count

As divisive as Guemes Island issues can be, there is no arguing that we all have one thing in common. Whether retired, commuting to work, raising a family, or living alone, we don’t agree on everything. But we can agree we all got here on the ferry. We depend on it. Nothing brings us all together, or tears us apart like ferry issues. We have opinions and solutions on how to make service better, yet many cannot agree on the mechanics of getting it done.

The Guemes Island Ferry Committee (GIFC) has been around through some of our most difficult and divisive times and persevered to keep us informed and speak for us at the County level. Statistics and number crunching are only some of the things the GIFC touches on. Lots of time, lots of meetings, little or no appreciation and often a target when communications break down between Guemians and Skagit County.

There is an open seat on the GIFC, and two qualified candidates. A ballot will go out to all Guemes Island registered voters (Skagit County rules). Although it is not a presidential election it is important to vote and have your voice heard. We can’t complain about long ferry lines, surcharges, fare increases, possible Guemes Island Taxing district, or where money for a new ferry is coming from, if we don’t vote for someone who can represent our concerns. Also think about voting for a candidate you can talk to and who will represent all views and not just their own personal agenda.

Tough decision, ferry riders. Take responsibility for who will represent your point of view.

All you have to do is vote!

- Commentary by MJ Andrak

The Guemes Island Ferry Committee will be holding an election soon to fill one open position. LineTime posed a number of questions to Steve Orsini and John Hopkins, candidates for the open seat in 2019. Their responses:
Steve Orsini  •  John Hopkins

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