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GIPAC: Draft Minutes for Nov 18, 2018 Annual Meeting

Draft Minutes for the Annual Meeting of the

Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee

November 18, 2018


Hal Rooks opened the meeting at 2:05pm.  Board members present were Hal Rooks, Michael Brown, Nancy Fox, Steve Orsini, and Edith Walden, as well as board emeritus Gary Curtis.  Absent were Patty Rose and Allen Bush.

Hal Rooks gave the annual report of GIPAC’s activities over the past year.  Highlights include continued engagement with the county concerning rainwater catchment and well drilling regulations.  The complete report is available on, as well as the GICCA website.

The Treasurers report – the checking account balance was $2,808.46, and earned $2.40 in interest in all of 2018.  Two donations came in, one for $100 and one for $25.  The Roz Glasser Shoreline Bequest fund stood at $10, 523.07.  $223.30 was spent on plants for the Peach Preserve plantings, and $596.76 was spent on shoreline brochures.

Elections - Steve Orsini and Allen Bush were re-elected on a voice vote for another 3 year term.  Gary Curtis was re-elected on a voice vote for another one year term as board emeritus.

Guest Presentation – Sue Kahle and Andy Long from the United States Geological Survey gave a presentation on a proposal to update the 1995 Guemes Island aquifer assessment study.  Sue Kahle explained the scope, scale and purpose of the proposed study, and answered questions from the audience concerning water issues facing the island.  GIPAC will need to help find funding sources from relevant taxing authorities to move the study forward.

Michael Brown announced that the GIPAC outreach efforts, informally named “coffee klatches” will continue into 2019 and he signed up several people interested in hosting meetings in their homes in the first quarter of 2019.

Hal Rooks closed the meeting at 3:50pm.

Respectfully submitted by Michael Brown, Secretary