This was originally posted to: Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee

GIPAC: Annual Meeting, Nov. 18

Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee Annual Meeting November 18

The Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee (GIPAC) will hold its Annual Meeting on Sunday, November 18, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Guemes Island Community Center.

Hydrologist Sue Kahle and Groundwater Specialist Andy Long from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) will talk about groundwater basics. They will describe some of the vulnerabilities of Guemes Island’s aquifers, how water moves through the aquifers, and how growth might affect water resources on the island. They will also introduce a proposed hydrogeological study that will identify the recharge areas of our aquifers and the estimated rates of recharge. Results of the study will give islanders a better idea about the amounts of inflow and outflow and the quality and quantity of the water from our sole-source aquifer that most of us depend on. GIPAC will partner with USGS on the proposed study.

Patty Rose will speak about the pilot shoreline restoration project at the Peach Preserve that GIPAC is sponsoring, and Michael Brown will discuss neighborhood outreach efforts that encourage discussion of water issues on Guemes. Two positions on the board will be filled by election at the meeting, and the GIPAC activities of the past year will be reported.

All Guemes Island residents and property owners who are 18 years or older are entitled to vote, and everyone is welcome to attend the meeting.

GIPAC is authorized by Skagit County to represent islanders in monitoring the Guemes Island Subarea Plan, which, after 20 years of planning by islanders, was adopted by the Skagit County Board of Commissioners in 2011. The Subarea Plan attempts to preserve the rural character and the natural resources of Guemes Island.