This was originally posted to: Guemes Island Ferry Committee

Ferry Committee Agenda-2018-08-21

Draft Agenda:

1. Additions to the work plan issued by Rachel Rowe:
Level of service: A request for three runs in the peak traffic hours- for example 11:15am-12:15pm and 6-7pm Monday through Friday. Fill in the runs on Sunday mornings

2. Set a meeting in September with Public Works to review the work plan, ticketing and level of service issues.

3. Correction of the statement regarding the NOx levels in Skagit County in terms of the VW Funding document. 

4. Meeting date for the 4th quarterly meeting for 2018.

5. Needs-based ferry ticket discount

6. FC's stand on supporting Plan A (a new electric ferry for which funding is being sought) and Plan B (repower the existing MV Guemes)

7. $5.00 license tab line item for ferry replacement or retained by agent