Remembering Norm Prewitt

Norm Prewitt

How do you sum up the life of someone who lived life to the full as a husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend? A man who loved to tell his stories and listen to the stories of others.  A genuine people-person who liked helping others. A guy who said that, as far as he was concerned, we are born with the purpose of leaving the world a better place when we die. And indeed he did just that.

Norm was born in Omak, WA  on April 26, 1935 to Floyd and Audrey Prewitt. He grew up in towns all over Eastern Washington where his father worked as a hydraulic engineer for the Bureau of Reclamation. But, he thought of Twisp, WA and the beautiful Methow Valley, where his grandfather Prewitt homesteaded, as his real childhood home.  

He graduated from Washington State College in 1958 with a BS degree in Police Science but his only police experience was as an Army Military Police reserve officer.  Instead of policing, he hired on at the Boeing Company as a computer programmer doing computer-aided design way before the term CAD/CAM came into being. Later he became a PC tech rep trouble-shooting problems his clients had with their computers (sometimes it was just making sure the machine was turned on). He retired in 1995 following 35 years of loyal service with the company.

But Norm was much more than a “company man”. He never defined himself soley by his job. Instead he was a guy who lived a balanced life taking time for all the other things of importance in life: marriage, children, family, friends, community and himself too.  

Norm and his wife Lynn were a “Whirlwind Boeing Romance” – he asked her out in March of 1962, made up his mind by June that she was the one for him (and she agreed he was the one for her), and married her in November the same year. And they enjoyed a wonderful life together for 56+ years.  

Norm was a supportive husband and father – always there when he was needed to fix what was broken, teach a new skill, patch up a skinned knee, help build a go-cart, coach a soccer team, or tune up your bike.  He loved helping others both individually and as a community volunteer on Mercer Island where he and Lynn lived for 43 years and on Guemes Island when they decided to up and move to “the country”.

From childhood on he loved the great outdoors. You name it he probably tried it, at least once in his life:  from climbing Mt. Rainier to scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef; from kayaking in the Arctic to observing a solar eclipse on a trip to Panama; from biking around Mercer Island to biking 400 miles across Highway 20 from Edison to Rockport; from water skiing on Lake Washington to back country skiing in the Cascade Mountains. 

Norm died peacefully at home on Guemes Island on July 1, 2018.  He leaves behind his wife Lynn; son Lee Prewitt, his wife, Jennifer and their daughters, Audrey and Evelynn Prewitt; son Dave Prewitt, his wife, Leslie Tysseling, their children Anna and William Prewitt; also his four sisters:  Karmen Watts, Lois Matthews, Janet Kesterson, and Merry Ames and many other family members and friends who also loved him and will miss his stories and gentle humor.  

A memorial service will be held at noon on Saturday, July 28, 2018 at the Guemes Island Community Church, 7611 Guemes Island Road, Anacortes. 

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