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Meeting Notes, 2018-01-29

GIFC Meeting Minutes

Call to order

A meeting of Guemes Island Ferry Committee was held at Guemes Church on January 29, 2018.

Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by Chairman Steve Orsini. Attendees included Steve Orsini, Allen Bush, Tom Fouts, Sandy McKean. Bud Ullman was included via speaker-phone for the first half of the meeting. Guests in attendance included NONE.

Approval of minutes

There were no previous minutes that needed approval.



Unfinished business

Tom is attempting to convince PW to reconvene a technical advisory committee which previously advised the county on naval architect firm selection. This committee would then be able to advise the county on the technical details of ferry propulsion and other ferry technical matters on an on-going basis.

New Business

Discussed whether or not the GIFC should to support SB6354 which adds the following sentence to RCW 47.56.725:

“Any county making a request under this subsection shall first seek funding through the public works trust fund, or any other available revenue source, where appropriate. Any county making a request under this subsection is not required to create a ferry district pursuant to chapter 36.54 RCW as a condition of eligibility for county road administration funding.”

Sandy wanted to know what Skagit County’s stand on the bill was before he could decide. He stated that it did not appear that this bill if passed would change much since the county would still be able to create a taxing district in the same way as it can now; also the money that a taxing district might raise would have to be raised in other ways (e.g., further fare increase). Bud also wanted to know the county’s position before taking one of his own; and why the bill exists at all.

Steve said the Senator Erickson is the sponsor, and the bill is related to Whatcom County’s Lummi ferry. Steve thought the bill would remove the divisiveness surrounding a taxing district (i.e., county vs island).

Steve noted that when the CRAB group was here, they did not seem worried about whether or not RCWs applied to “passenger only” ferries; besides SB5403 removes that restriction (assuming it passes).

Page 2

The FC would like to convince the county to request that Glosten do a rough cost estimate (± 20 %) of building a 28 car ferry as compared to the current 32 car ferry design. The FC does not anticipate that doing a rough estimate like this would take more than a few hours of an engineer’s time.There was a discussion of how FC members can most effectively communicate with government officials or other VIPs. If a member discusses or writes on a subject which may be considered to be a policy of the GIFC, then it behoves the member to get concensus from the other GIFC members beforehand. Formal letters from the GIFC (e.g., on GIFC letterhead) should always reviewed by all available GIFC members, and concensus reached before they are sent. FC members need to clearly state in communications if they are speaking for the GIFC as a whole, or representing themselves only as an individual citizen.



Action Items

Call Senator Ranker’s office to determine his position on SB6354. (Sandy)

Determine Skagit County position on SB6354. (Bud)

Call Senator Bailey’s office to determine her position on SB6354. (Allen)

Rachel Rowe has indicated that the schedule for the proposed Public works and GIFC (PW/FC)

meetings will be discussed at the now scheduled 3/2/18 meeting at Anacortes Library. Tom will talk to

Rachel soon to indicate that the GIFC would like to meet sooner than 3/2/18 and more often than

currently proposed. (Tom)




GIFC or FC = Guemes Island Ferry Committee

PW = Skagit County Public Works

BOCC – Skagit County Board of County Commissioners

These minutes were taken by Sandy McKean



The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm

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