An All-Electric Ferry? Mostly A Coal/Gas-Fired Ferry

2016 Electricity Fuel Mix

Diverse resources powering your home and business

The electricity generated for you uses a diverse mix of resources. The PSE fuel mix for electricity delivered to customers in 2016 is detailed in the chart and graph below.

Fuel Mix Pie Chart

Coal 37%
Hydroelectric 31%
Natural Gas 22%
Nuclear <1%
Other* <1%
Wind 9%
Total 100

* Biomass, non-biogenic and petroleum.

Source: Published by the Washington Department of Commerce, October 2017, with data reported by PSE in August 2017.

Martin Floe: 2:28pm - 5/5/18
The headline of "All-Electric Ferry? Mostly A Coal/Gas-Fired Ferry" is misleading ( ). Although the data is accurate, it is data from 2016 and does not reflect the projected use of coal when the new ferry is online. Here is the text from the PSE website: With the retirements of Colstrip Units 1 and 2 no later than July 2022 and the shutdown of the Centralia Power Plant in 2025, PSE will be nearly 90 percent clean (meaning non-coal generation) and on the path to 100 percent by the early 2030s. Moving away from coal requires balance and transition. We provide critical services our customers count on. So we must carefully weigh any impacts on cost and reliability. We're also committed to ensuring a smooth transition for the workers and community of Colstrip, Montana. This is a complicated process. We're working closely with officials in our state and Montana to make this happen. Link: BTW...The information above is from the same website where you found your graph.
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