Fire Commissioner Minutes April 9, 2018


Regular Commissioner Meeting

(minutes pending approval)


April 9, 2018

Commissioner Margeson called the Regular Fire Commissioners meeting to order at 7:00PM.

Present: Commissioners Margeson, Murphy, Crawford, Chief G. Francis, Assistant Chief O. Snell, Mechanic L. Pyke, Treasurer Davelaar, Secretary Kankaala

The minutes of March 12, 2018 were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Beginning April Operating Fund cash balance was $30,618.47. Beginning April General Investment Fund balance was $11,517.02. Beginning April Capital Fund cash balance was $72,844.83. Beginning April Capital Investment Fund balance was $32,537.23. Grand total is $147,517.55. March  expenses were $8,371.87, Command Vehicle $9,000, payroll was $2,722.00, and FF stipends for February were $2,099.00 for a grand total of $22,192.87 in March expenditures. March revenue included $11,615.46 in taxes collected, and $12.34 in interest.

Open: None

Chief’s Report: See attached report for a list of drills and responses. Larry Pyke has been rehired by GIFD, district 17. Mark Spahr will be rehired, pending his physical. Once a firefighter or EMT retires after 25 years of service, they must be rehired yearly.

Old Business: The command vehicle is now in service. The command vehicle’s call number will be 1701. The command vehicle will contain an AED, airway bag, SCBA, and two fire extinguishers. 

New Business: They ferry crew is negotiating a new contract. The ferry crew is asking for a 3% cost of living increase, and the county commissioners countered with waiving the rule that states that ferry crew must live within 20 minutes of the Anacortes Ferry Dock. The GIFD commissioners will be sending a letter to the Skagit County commissioners, stating that the GIFD commissioners are not in favor of waiving the 20 minute rule. Commissioner Murphy will draft the letter, and the commissioners will review the draft before submitting to the county.

The Commissioners had an open discussion on record retention. Secretary Kankaala will work with the State Archivist, and will produce a summarized document of guidelines. 

There was also a discussion about the Freedom of Information Act, and public request for documents. If there are future requests, Secretary Kankaala will bring those request to the attention of the commissioners. 

There was an open discussion around different methods the district has to raising funds for the purchase of land and the building of a new fire department. No decisions were made.

A resolution  was adopted by motion to change the commissioner meetings  in May, June, and August. The new dates are as follows: May 7, June 4, and August 6. The other meeting dates remain unchanged. Commissioner Murphy made the motion, and Commissioner Crawford seconded. The resolution passed unanimously. This will be Resolution 395.

The Commissioners reviewed the invoices from March 10, 2018 to April 6, 2018 and approved invoices in the amount of $17,371.87 and payroll of $2,722.00 for a total of $20,093.87.

The next resolution will be 396.


The next regular meeting will be May 7, 2018 at 7:00 PM in the Fire Hall. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:18 PM.


Submitted by Eric Kankaala, Secretary




Skagit County Fire District 17



Chief's Report March 2018

GIFD Budget Report April 2018

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