Vessel Design Clarification

[4.3.18] "We're hearing some scuttlebutt about the CRAB grant...namely, that if we are approved for CRAB funding, we're locked into a vessel design. That’s not the case. The documents we delivered to the CRAB board are concept design documents (30% design) and prove that we have a viable concept, that we need to replace our ferry, and that we have a reasonable plan to fund it. If we get CRAB funding, we can still modify the vessel design - we can adjust size, propulsion and more. We're only locked into a design when we get to 90% design, which won't be for another year at least. Please note that we are currently focusing our efforts on the electric propulsion option (both the plug-in hybrid and the all-electric)."

[4.4.18] "The County Commissioners are currently focusing efforts on the electric propulsion options (both the plug-in hybrid and the all-electric).  If we are unable to secure the CRAB funding, we will have some decisions to make about next steps which could include re-evaluating all of our options. The vessel replacement surcharge is something we need to at least consider in order to start setting aside funds for when we do eventually need to replace the MV Guemes.  That could be in three years or 20 years from now I suppose – depending on what happens with funding. Either way, the surcharge proposal will still go before the Board at the public hearing on April 17.  However, they have until early May to deliver their decision. By then we will know whether or not the CRAB funds were awarded."

- Captain Rachel Rowe