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GIPAC: Draft Minutes for Dec 4, 2017

Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee

December 4, 2017

Draft Minutes


Members present: Allen Bush, Edith Walden, Hal Rooks, Nancy Fox, Steve Orsini, Patty Rose and Gary Curtis, Emeritus. Absent: Michael Brown. Guests Present: Michael Gray, Brandt Detering, Gail LeBoutillier, Phyllis Bravinder, Marianne Kooiman, Sally Stapp, and Barb Ohms.

Meeting was called to order at 6:37 PM by Chair Hal Rooks.

1.     Minutes of November 7 and November 18 Meetings were approved as posted.

2.     GIPAC elected the following officers: Hal Rooks, Chair; Allen Bush, Vice Chair; Michael Brown, Secretary; and Allen Bush, Treasurer. Gary Curtis was re-elected as an Emeritus GIPAC board member.

3.     Steve Orsini moved, Allen Bush seconded, and GIPAC voted to change their election procedures to resemble those of GICCA:

·        Nominations for open positions will be solicited    at the September meeting.

·        At the October meeting, nominations will be taken from the floor and nominations will close at the end of the meeting.

·        At the annual meeting in November, the membership shall elect from the slate of nominees, members necessary to fill the open positions.

·        Board members shall, within 1 month, elect officers.

We will keep our annual meeting on a Saturday in November, but will coordinate with GICCA to prevent both organizations from holding their annual meetings close together. We will try to hold the meeting to two hours and, when appropriate, have 2 speakers.

4.    Discussion of Nancy Fox’s paper on Next Steps on Water Strategy

Nancy did a great job of synthesizing county requirements which impact water on Guemes. Steve Orsini will contact Laurie Morgan, DOE, to advise us on identification and stewardship of aquifer recharge areas. Nancy will add a statement on researching aquifer recharge areas, and will incorporate Marianne’s suggestions on water testing.

Dialog regarding wells: Michael Brown, Allen Bush and Sally Stapp will pursue.

Variances- Nancy will send variance notices to GIPAC mailing list. Phyllis, Hal and Michael have expressed interest in tracking variances on the island.

5.     Barb Ohms reported on Tsunami preparedness: Skagit County has inundation maps, but no evacuation plans.

6.     Next meeting will be held on January 8, 2018.

Submitted by Patty Rose


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