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GIPAC: Draft Minutes for Annual Meeting: Nov 18, 2017

Draft Minutes for the Annual Meeting of the

Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee

November 18, 2017


Chairman Hal Rooks opened the meeting at 3:05 pm.   Board members present were Hal Rooks, Nancy Fox, Allen Bush, Michael Brown, Patty Rose, Stephen Orsini and Gary Curtis, member Emeritus.  Absent was Stella Spring.

Hal welcomed everyone and presented the annual report, outlining GIPAC efforts in 2017 (full report available on LineTime).  He also thanked Stella Spring for her three years of service on GIPAC and wished her the best in her new job.  Nancy Fox discussed the GIPAC work plan for 2018, including continuing to refine rainwater catchment policy, advocating for requiring all new wells to be permitted, whether they are linked to a building permit or not.  Patty Rose recapped the shoreline restoration efforts, including upcoming native planting around the display signs at Demopoulos Marsh/Peach Preserve and the GIPAC brochure which will be available at the ferry terminal and for new islanders.

Michael Brown presented the Treasurer’s report:

2017 GIPAC Annual Meeting – Treasurers Report

November 2016 – November 2017


Non Profit Checking Account -

2016 balance $2,967.28 (November 2016)

2017 balance $2,983.71 (November 2017)

Interest Earned - $2.64


Expenditures: $136.21

·        Check 1263 Karen Everett: $111.36 lunch catering for Realtors luncheon meeting

·        Check 1262 Nancy Fox: $24.85


·        $50 August donation towards water issues

·        $100 October donation towards water issues

Roz Glasser Shoreline Restoration Bequest Account

2016 balance (November 19): $10,491.64

2017 balance (November 17): $10,507.35

Interest earned $15.71


Election of 3 board members: Patty Rose and Hal Rooks were re-elected by voice vote from the floor.  For the open seat previously held by Stella Spring, Edith Walden was nominated from the floor and elected by voice vote.  Officers will be selected by the board at the next board meeting.

Ryan Walters, Assistant Planning Director for Skagit County, gave a talk on County policy concerning rainwater catchment.  He also touched on the 2016 comp plan updates and work on setback variances.

Stephen Orsini gave a presentation on the history of salt water intrusion problems on the island, including a map showing where the concerns exist.

Michael Brown gave a presentation about knowing your water system, whether it is a private well, community well, reverse osmosis system, or water catchment.  He outlined GIPAC’s outreach efforts in 2018 including holding neighborhood coffee klatches to educate islanders on water issues.

Hal Rooks adjourned the meeting at 4:50pm.

Michael Brown




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