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GIPAC: Draft Minutes for Nov. 6, 2017

Draft Minutes: November 6, 2017 meeting
of the
Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee


Meeting was called to order by Chairman Hal Rooks at 6:35pm.  Present were board members Hal Rooks, Nancy Fox, Allen Bush, Stella Spring, Steve Orsini, and Gary Curtis, board member emeritus.  Guests also present were Marianne Kooiman, Barb Ohms, Brandt Detering, Mark Madden, Edith Walden, and Sally Stapp.

The draft agenda and the draft minutes for October 2, 2017 were approved by unanimous vote.
There was no Treasurer's Report because the Treasurer was absent.

Hal Rooks reported on the draft 'Water, Wells, and Catchment in Skagit County Code' document, a draft GIPAC inventory of County code provisions relating to water, wells and rainwater catchment as they relate to Guemes Island.  The County catchment amendment proposal is on hold and the County has commissioned WSU to come up with a template for water catchment requirements.  GIPAC hopes the County decides not to require an engineer if the template is used. The study apparently is due at the end of the first quarter of 2018.    

Hal reported that Planning Commissioners Mark Lundsten and Martha Rose had taken the Guemes tour on Oct 21st.  Hal also said that the Skagit County Planning Director is due to retire at the end of November.

Barbara Ohms, of CERT, reported on tsunami warning sign options. Skagit Emergency Management has two signs to choose from: warning or route. The board consensus was route signs were the better option. Nancy Fox will send Barbara relevant provisions from the Guemes Island Subarea Plan..

Edith Walden reported on the progress of the documents archive project. Edith and Stella Spring met to evaluate the contents of archival boxes stored in Sandy McKean's garage. Randy Schnabel and Win Anderson will provide advice as historians as to what to keep. Edith and Stella are also investigating online storage options for digital documents and are working on a naming convention for files. The Guemes Tide has donated a printer/scanner for the project.

Edith and Allen Bush presented brochure design options for 'Your Guemes Shoreline' and one was chosen by consensus. Steve Orsini moved to pre-authorize the brochure committee to spend up to $400 printing, to be paid from the Roz Glasser bequest fund, and the motion was approved.

Edith also presented a public outreach flyer for the Annual Meeting and her promotion plan which will include press releases, the church newsletter, social media, LineTime, and email.

Hal reviewed the agenda for the Annual Meeting. The sign-in sheet from last year was approved. Ballots will be distributed at sign-in and there will be at least 3 volunteers. Hal will give the Annual Report based on his review of the year’s minutes, including the CARD amendment, GIPAC input to the Shoreline Master Plan, the Planning Commission tours of Guemes, and the Shoreline Restoration projects. Hal noted a goal to keep speeches to schedule and proposed having any announcements or statements planned ahead and submitted or written up as information to pass out during sign-in.

Allen Bush will run the election for the 3 open board positions. The special program on water strategy will start with County Assistant Planning Director Ryan Walters, followed by Steve Orsini and Michael Brown.

Allen Bush brought a variety of GIPAC buttons he had created and made and distribute them to board members.

Brandt Detering requested time at the Annual Meeting to present an elevator-pitch speech on his rainwater harvesting thesis project which will require public involvement. He discussed means of gathering email and mailing addresses. Hal suggested Brandt’s talk could be worked in during Michael’s Q&A time slot.

Hal Rooks adjourned the meeting at 7:50 PM.

Stella Spring,
Substitute Secretary in the absence of Michael Brown




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