Ferry Docks Condition Worse Than Any Other Bridge In County

After Mr. Randall-Grutter explained that Skagit County has allowed both ferry docks to deteriorate due to "insufficient funds," we had one more question:

Mr. Randall-Grutter
Thank you for your candid reply. While you did not answer question five, it seems safe to assume the answer is the same as the previous four - the work has not been done because you have no funds for it. That is, the ferry docks are allowed to deteriorate due to insufficient funds. Seems like a poor calculation to put off maintenance and repair until you have no choice but to fund a massive replacement at much higher cost.

Your statements about lack of funds led us to wonder how other bridges faired in Skagit County. With the single exception of the Burlington Northern Overpass* with a rating of just 3, both ferry docks have the worst rating (22.8) in all of Skagit County. Every other bridge you are responsible for has a rating two to four times higher.

Your previous answers prompt one more question: Given that the ferry docks are in worse condition than any other bridge in the county, when will funds become available to maintain and repair them? Sometime before its rating falls below that of the Burlington Northern Overpass?

Joseph Miller
MJ Andrak

*The Burlington Northern Overpass is a 1,183 foot long timber trestle bridge built in 1936, scheduled for $14 million replacement.


Skagit County Bridge Structural Deficiency Ratings


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