What Kind of a Ferry Boat? Questions for Glosten

Questions for Glosten

On November 2, 2017 at 5:30 pm Glosten, the naval architectural firm selected to design the new Guemes Island Ferry, The Skagit Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and Skagit County Public Works will hold a Public Forum meeting primarily about the proposed new ferry.  The meeting will be at the Guemes Island Community Center.  Given the deadline for the Glosten ferry design report, December 26, 2017, this may be a last chance to have questions answered directly by Glosten regarding the boat and its design.

To facilitate the dialogue with Glosten, the FC is soliciting your questions and comments which will be reviewed and submitted to the naval architects by October 26th to give them time to formulate answers for the November 2nd meeting. 

These questions should focus on the ferry itself. Information is preliminary, but the new vessel is sized to hold between 28 and 35 cars. Example questions could be:

How long will it take to load this new vessel?

Will this size be under the 100 ton limit which affects the manning of the new vessel? 

Glosten is to recommend either a diesel, electric, or hybrid boat.  What is the status of that analysis?

Please add your questions or comments by October 25, 2017.

You may also email your questions and comments to: ferrycommittee@linetime.org

Steve Orsini
The Guemes Island Ferry Committee (FC)

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