Notice of Decision, Rob Walker, 10-10-17




Administrative Special Use Permit

File # PL17-0472


Notice is hereby given that on October 10, 2017, Skagit County Planning and Development Services approved the Administrative Special Use Permit request (#PL17-0472) submitted by Rob Walker, on behalf of the Strell’s West Beach Water Association, for improvements to the existing Strell’s West Beach water system.  The current project consists of the installation of a new 9,000 gallon water storage tank, associated pumps and equipment, and associated transmission and distribution lines.  The proposed project is classified as a Minor Utility Development per Skagit County Code (SCC) sections 14.16.300(3)(c) and SCC 14.16.320(3)(g) requiring the approval of an Administrative Special Use permit.  The proposed project is located within the Rural Intermediate (RI) and Rural Reserve (RRv) zoning/comprehensive plan designated areas as indicated in the Skagit County Comprehensive Plan and associated maps adopted July 5, 2016.  Located on a 40 foot strip of unopened County Road Right-of-Way south of 6146 West Shore Road (P65523) and north of 6150 (P66524) and 6161 West Shore Road (P65525), with the remaining portion of the existing water system located approximately 1,100 feet to the southeast (P31161) on Guemes Island, Anacortes, within a portion of Section 2, Township 35N, Range 1E W.M., situated within Skagit County, Washington.            


Applicant: Strell’s West Beach Water Association, c/o Robert P. Walker, 1401 96th AVE SE, Bellevue, WA 98004    


Pursuant to Skagit County Code 14.06.200, the Notice of Decision shall be forwarded to parties of record, the applicant and other applicable parties of interest. 


The applicant and/or a party of record may appeal the decision to the Hearing Examiner pursuant to the provisions of Section 14.06.   Standing to bring an appeal shall be limited to aggrieved parties.  Parties with standing to appeal must submit the appeal form and appeal fees to the Planning and Development Services Department within 14 calendar days of the date of the Decision. 


Transmitted to the Skagit Valley Herald:       October 10, 2017        

Please publish:             October 12, 2017

Appeals must be submitted by: October 24, 2017



Brandon Black

Senior Planner –Team Supervisor 

Skagit County Planning and Development Services

1800 Continental Place

Mount Vernon, WA 98273

(360) 416-1326













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