Fire Commissioners Minutes September 11, 2017




September 11, 2017

Commissioner Chip Bogosian, Chairman, called the Regular Fire Commissioners meeting to order at 7:02 PM.

Present: Commissioners Bogosian, Murphy, and Margeson, Assistant Chief O. Snell, Medical Officer N. White, Secretary/Treasurer Murray, Secretary-elect Kankaala, and Treasurer-elect Davelaar.  Community members: Walt Seifried, and Frank Crawford


The minutes of August 14, 2017 were approved as submitted.


Treasurer’s Report: Beginning September Operating Fund cash balance was $69,619.55. Beginning September General Investment Fund balance was $11,438.40. Beginning September Capital Fund cash balance was $72,844.83. Beginning September Capital Investment Fund balance was $32,315.10. Grand total is $186,217.88. August expenses were $14,973.34, payroll was $4,692.00, and FF stipends total for July was $1,431.00 for a grand total of $21,096.34 in expenditures.


Commissioner Margeson noted that apparatus repair has contributed significantly to GIFD expenditures in 2017. Chief Francis had previously warned Commissioners that some apparatus should be replaced rather than repaired. However, time constraints have forced GIFD to repair apparatus in order to maintain adequate resources.


Open: Walt Seifried presented a brief on CERT operations and goals for the island. The CERT team is beginning to discuss different responses to situations, such as a house fire or an earthquake. Seifred is concerned about streamlining communication with GIFD and the CERT team. Assistant Chief Snell communicated the importance of CERT leadership and GIFD creating a central IC to maintain organization. Assistant Chief Snell suggested setting up a meeting with the CERT leadership to start the process of organizing a GIFD and CERT communication protocol. Medical Officer White outlined that in the event of a disaster, each CERT team would triage their area of the island, and each CERT team would then communicate with GIFD about their current issues and needs. Commissioner Murphy stated the need to make plans (but not elaborate plans) and to practice. He also emphasized the need to determine who will make decisions. Medical Officer White stated the biggest issue is to create a plan of communication. Commissioner Margeson stated that GIFD would be more than willing to be part of ongoing discussion and training to maintain preparedness for a future disaster that could affect Guemes Island. Walt Seifried will coordinate with Gail Niccols to get the CERT team organized. Frank Crawford asked about Guemes Island FEMA representation. Guemes Island has no FEMA representation.


Chief’s Report: See attached report for a list of drills and responses.  On August 12, Marine 1717 provided a Safety Boat Crew for an Outrigger Race in Bellingham Bay. On August 19, Ambulance 1719 and First Responders were on standby at the Annual Dog Show for safety. The meeting of West Skagit Chiefs was cancelled because incidents in progress caused the absence of several Chiefs. Commissioner Murphy asked about penalties for illegal burns. Assistant Chief Snell stated that if the same person is involved with multiple illegal burns, the Fire Marshal is called. The insurance claim, boat trailer vs van in Guemes Island parking lot, has been closed. The person was paid, and they kept the salvage. Marine 1717 now has a plotter and AIS system. Paperwork is being processed for the addition of a Jr. Firefighter.


Old Business: Commissioner Margeson brought up that it has been impossible to communicate with the property owners of the land of interest for the new fire department. The Snure Seminar in Spokane, Annual Laws Update, is scheduled for October. Not much interest was generated for the Spokane meeting because most of the topics are not relevant to GIFD. The March 2018 seminar is more likely to offer valuable material.


New Business: Commissioner Bogosian asked about GIFD ability to diagnose ischemic heart disease. Medical Officer White noted that GIFD does not have the necessary equipment. In any case, our EMTs are not trained to use or read such equipment. However, she added that whenever we suspect cardiac, stroke, or other serious conditions, we alert the responding paramedics and work as quickly as possible to transport the patient. We may also contact Airlift Northwest and put a helicopter on standby. Air transport insurance for an entire household (called AirCare) costs about $90 per year. Anyone interested in such coverage can contact GIFD or visit the Airlift Northwest website at


The Commissioners reviewed the invoices from August 12, 2017 to September 8, 2017 and approved invoices in the amount of $14,973.34 and payroll of $4,692.00 for a total of $19,665.34.


 The next regular meeting will be October 9, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the Fire Hall.


 The meeting adjourned at 7:59 PM.


 Submitted by Eric Kankaala, Secretary



Skagit County Fire District 17

Commissioner Chip Bogosian, Chairman

Chief's Report August 2017

GIFD Budget Report September 2017